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Costco Is Selling A 13-Foot Animatronic Spider And All Your Halloween Nightmares Have Come To Life

We're ready to run away, lock the doors, and crawl right under the covers, because this 13-foot animatronic spider at Costco is terrifying.

However, we're also pretty curious about how hauntingly awesome this giant spider is and how it may be the most epic choice for Halloween this year.

So, ready or not, 'tis the season to prepare for the scare.

Get ready to be caught in a web of horror.

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Whether you're getting Harry Potter Aragog vibes, or just really love the idea of a giant mutant spider, this creepy crawly friend may be your match.

With glowing AA battery-powered red LED lights to make its menacing eyes glow, this spider is the perfect way to send the neighbor's cat, and the neighbor, running for the hills.

These spiders are crawling right into our hearts.

This scary eight-legged friend also comes equipped with a host of hissing sounds to truly make everyone's legs buckle.

What's even more terrifying — or awesome, depending on who's on the receiving end — is that the hissing sound is completely remote controlled.

Don't feel like seeing a certain someone this Halloween? You know which button to press.

If you needed another reason to socially distance, here ya go.

Just because Halloween has to be socially distanced this year, doesn't mean it can't still be lively.

We can't think of a better way to remind people that nothing can stomp on the power of Halloween, and certainly not this mutant spider.

This spider is a little bit trick and a little bit treat.

These frightening giant mutant spiders are available for a limited time at Costco for $200.

If you pick up one of these enormous spiders, please leave a comment, and preferably a video of you scaring literally everyone.

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