New Collection Of 'The Wiggles' Halloween Costumes Triggers Debate Among Parents

With Halloween around the corner, many parents are gearing up to get ready for the spooky season. This includes decorating their homes, stocking up on candy, and getting costumes for their kids. Whether or not kids are going door-to-door trick-or-treating this year, parents are still trying to make the most of the season to ensure their kids enjoy themselves.

For many kids, the ideal Halloween costume revolves around people and characters they love.

Unsplash | Haley Phelps

Most kids' shows sell costumes and characters that everyone wants to dress up as and be for Halloween. From cartoons to real-life people, kids just want to be who they look up to the most.

For those old timers, 'The Wiggles' is a show that kids love and parents... tolerate.

The Wiggles is a show that has been around for years, and if you're like me, it's not one of your favorites. Those songs get stuck in your head for days. "Fruit Salad", anyone?

In recent years, 'The Wiggles' have added a new cast member, Emma.

While The Wiggles used to be an all-man group, the modern-day Wiggles included their first female cast member — Emma — in 2013. Emma has since become a staple of The Wiggles and kids just absolutely love her.

It's no wonder that kids want to dress up as Emma for Halloween.

Emma's character on The Wiggles is filled with sunshine and energy, so it's no wonder kids want to dress up as her for the special occasion.

Luckily, there are specialty costumes for Emma Wiggle that parents can buy for their kids.

The Instagram account for Emma shared photos of the multiple styles of "Emma Wear" that kids can grab for Halloween this year. There were tutus, pants, and tons of yellow, of course.

However, parents noticed something about the advertisement that struck a chord with many of them.

Many parents noticed that for the Emma costumes, girls can choose between pants or a skirt. But, it seems that there are only pants for boys. Or, they only showed boys in the pants option in the advertisement.

Parents began commenting on the post asking why they didn't showcase boys in skirts.

One person commented, "Why can't boys wear the skirt?" Other parents chimed in, too, sharing their concerns with "gender norms" for young kids.

Many said that separating the genders and telling kids what they can and can't wear can get in the way of who they truly want to be.

"It's separating the genders and caving to social gender norms instead of letting kids dress up as who they want to, without worrying about it not being socially acceptable," one person commented.

Others didn't see anything wrong with the ad.

One person pointed out the ad is only showing the "options" and parents are free to buy the skirt option for their sons, too.

"This marketing is really only showing us the options. We can provide whatever type of options and combinations for both boys and girls of the Emma costumes to our kids," they said.

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