15+ Times People Went From Friends To Enemies In An Instant

Sometimes a relationship can turn sour, and the people who you thought were your best friends can become a sworn enemy...especially if you live in a comic book, that sort of thing happens all of the time there!

So, with this notion in mind, please enjoy these 15+ people who went from friends to enemies!

"Little Suzie didn't realize she would see her mortal enemy today..."

I feel like I have shared this look with many bartenders over the years while they try to ascertain if I am too drunk be given another round of tequila shots.

"My step-sister works in Costa Coffee and had this note left for her today..."

But...why would he keep on coming in for coffee then? Surely there must have been other cafes nearby, or he could have just made himself one at home!

The Start Of A Beautiful Rivalry!

The Sav-Mor sign's "arch-enemy" pun is absolutely stellar. I think that they may have taken it with that one!

"The people in my office just couldn't help themselves."

If you put a sign up like this in an office then you are kind of asking for retribution aren't you? Although, at least they have a decent mugshot to identify the culprits.

"I Found This At The Salvation Army Today. I Made It A Couple Of Years Ago For A Friend."

Although, one of the main things to consider when making your friend something for them to display in their house is to not make it eye-wateringly hideous.

They Must Be Some Very Angry Birds!

Heavens above, I wonder what the person who owns this car did to incur such wrath from the local bird population?

"Ex fiancé and ex best man are now dating. He left his Wii at my place. I made sure to get it back to him."

They wrapped the Wii in cardboard, then gorilla tape, then normal tape, then cable ties, and then folded fencing around it. That's one way to wrap a present.

"My roommate got a food saver. I hate him."

Well, one thing is for sure, it'll be a long time before those scissors go off! I hate it when my scissors go moldy, they taste awful.

"My brother made this when he was younger in school for Christmas. It’s known as 'The Angry Snowman' and is still put out every year with the decorations."

Wow, finally a Christmas decoration that reflects how I feel inside about the holiday season! I bet the guy who made this was a cheerful kid!

"Sometimes I get angry about the way the rest of the country talks about Texas, then I drive past a sign like this and I have to shut up..."

What a lovely sense of neighborly love! When Halloween comes around I'd probably keep the kids away from this house that's for sure.

"An email went out around the office about a lost pen. This appeared in the break room the next day."

Even if this was my pen that was being held at ransom, I would have been most angry at the use of "plane" in this context.

"1995, 3 pm, summer vacation, hot day, your worst enemy."

I am curious how many people also look at this and can instinctively feel a burn on the backs of their legs and hear the sound of screeching skin on hot, dry metal.

"Walked past the I.T. Office door and noticed a new sign."

There would be no way that I would ever willingly sing "Ave Maria" for...personal reasons. Not again, not after the incident.

"My friends' dogs... Walter hates Max."

Everyone has that "friend" when they're a kid that they don't really want to have to be friends with but their parents force them to.

"Sad stories at the thrift store."

I think that I would just buy it anyway and always wear it on the off-chance that you bumped into the person who has the other half and find yourself a new best friend.

"A student made this sign after the angry guy said being gay was the worst sin."

From personal experience, the only people I have ever encountered who wear backpacks with the clip across the front are professional hikers and oddballs.

"My girlfriend was super excited about her new Koi Fish. After 1 hour, she now hates my frog..."

This is why it is very important to look into what sorts of creatures cohabitate well together before putting them in an aquarium!

"My soon to be ex-wife brought me a cake for my birthday today..."

Wow, that must have been one hell of an amicable divorce, or she is just absolutely over the moon with the decision!

"The definition of sworn enemies in one picture."

"Hey, you're lucky I can't come over there otherwise you'd be for it!"

"Yeah, well count yourself lucky too boyo! I've got a full day of pooping on the floor and ripping toilet paper otherwise you'd be sorry!"

"Group projects are the worst!"

I have never met a single person who enjoys doing group projects. I suppose they are a good way to teach kids that other people can be asshats though, which is useful.