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You Can Get Food-Scented Face Masks That Smell Like Chicken And Bacon

Just because face masks are uncomfortable and awkward for many of us, doesn't mean they have to be all bad. In fact, some of them are starting to smell pretty darn good.

That's right, there are food-scented face masks that smell like chicken and bacon.

We never thought it was possible either, but face masks don't just save us from the pandemic, they can also protect us from smelling a mean case of B.O.

Imagine starting each day with the smell of fried chicken.

Jack in the Box

Companies like Jack in the Box have started to release scented face masks.

Jack in the Box's fried chicken scented face masks are helping to advertise their new plant-based chicken sandwich.

While many of us thought scratch and sniffs were impressive, these masks are the true game changers.

The Breathable Bacon will take your breath away


Hormel is also introducing a special scented face mask that will have you ready for Sunday brunch every day.

Their black label bacon mask, called the "Breathable Bacon" is currently making our hearts sizzle.

Many of us have dreamed that one day we could smell bacon everywhere, well Hormel has got us covered.

The days of suffering through a smelly mask are over.

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Let's face it, face masks don't protect us from foul odors in the air, like car exhaust or garbage. However, with these heavenly aromas, we can enjoy the savory smells of fried chicken and bacon all day long.

Did we mention that you can get them for free?

We aren't yanking your chain when we say that these masks are available for free.

Both Jack in the Box and Hormel are handing these masks out on their company websites.

Starting on October 23rd, Jack in the Box will offer them for free on their website, make sure to keep an eye on the page for updates.

Similarly, Hormel will be offering free masks on a special website, and for every person that signs up, Hormel is donating a meal to Feeding America.

If you decide to sign up for a free mask, let us know in the comments! We'd love to see you sporting your savory mask.

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