Chubby Dog Realizes He May Have A Weight Problem After He Breaks His Doggy Door

A sweet pup with a heart of gold and belly full of kibble was recently treated to quite the wake up call when he found himself wedged in his doggy door, unable to wiggle his way through it.

Drax, who was once a stray living on the streets of Queensland, Australia, has clearly become accustomed to life as a domestic pup, embracing all its spoils and perhaps enjoying his newfound life of free food and treats just a bit too much.

A few years ago, Charmaine Hulley's sister came across Drax as a stray and instantly knew she had to do something to save him.

“My sister found him outside her local supermarket a couple of years ago just laying there curled up," Hulley told The Dodo. "He looked skinny and uncared for. She put him in the car and he just froze with fear and wouldn’t look at anyone.”

After some much-needed bonding time, Hulley, who was living with her sister at the time, found that little Drax was an absolute sweetheart.

It was especially clear when the family's latest addition began taking cues from Hulley's sister's four small dogs, even going so far as to try and share their tiny beds with them.

“He’s the most placid dog you could come across,” Hulley said. "He’s the most loving and happy and laid-back boy that just adores all other dogs."

Eventually, Hulley moved out of her sister's place and took Drax with her, even adopting another dog so he could have his very own brother.

A few years later, the family returned to Hulley's sister's home for a visit, and Drax was ready to greet all the little dogs he once played around. Except this time, one thing had certainly changed: his size.

Indeed, the once underweight stray living on the streets had now become a spoiled, chonky pup. But that didn't mean he couldn't still play with his old pals, did it?

Well, as a matter of fact, it kind of did.

As it turns out, Drax isn't necessarily aware of how many happy pounds he's packed on since he joined Hulley's family. In fact, as far as he's concerned he's the same, slim pup who could fit anywhere and do anything.

So when the time came for all the doggies to come inside from the backyard through the doggy door, Drax confidently followed suit...and then found himself pawsitively stuck.

Poor little Drax had managed to wedge himself inside the doggy door, and when he couldn't get through, he actually walked away with the door still wrapped around his waist!

As Hulley recalled to The Dodo,

“Dad came home early and saw half the doggy door panel on the ground and looked inside and Drax came wandering down the hallway very casually with it on him. I looked over and Drax was on the stairs looking at me ... my mouth dropped."

Of course, the experience was also a wake-up call for Hulley who realized her special boy could certainly use a diet, as well as a cutback on the treats.

Photos of this uncomfortable, and likely embarrassing experience were shared to the Facebook group Dog Spotting by Drax's mamma, Hulley.

In no time at all, those pictures went viral, amassing nearly 20,000 reactions from users who couldn't help but laugh at Drax's little wake-up call.

Hey, we've all been there.

h/t: The Dodo, Facebook | Charmaine Hulley

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