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Quotes About Marriage That Simply Speak The Truth

Gather round, all you married people, because I have found some incredible quotes about having a ring on your finger that are sure to make you feel understood, or at the very least just make you laugh.

We love our spouses, but we also love complaining about them, and reading hilarious quotes that remind us we're not alone — there are plenty of people out there dealing with the same utter nonsense as us every single day.


And dessert too, while you're at it.

Since you're out, could you also pick up some wine, a bit more wine, and these twenty-five other things I haven't gotten around to going out to buy myself?


Sometimes they're just so helpless.

Personally, I don't understand how he survived so long without me. How did he ever find his keys? How did he ever know where the Tupperware lids are? How did he function?

It's a mystery, that's for sure.

Behold, our hero.

My favorite part is when he does one chore and reminds you of that chore he did that one time every day for the rest of your lives whenever you say he doesn't "do anything."

He's really growing up.

I have high hopes that one day he'll be able to make his own breakfast and maybe even willingly help me do some cleaning around the house too, without throwing a tantrum when I ask.

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