15+ Crazy Things That People Just Happened To Have

Be it your childhood home, current home, or somewhere in between, at some point we've all had a strange item or feature that defined where we live. Made it interesting, made it unique, made it stand out amongst our peers.

Unless you're me. In which case, I get to live vicariously through the weird things other people have!

"My freezer produces ice spheres rather than ice cubes."

There is nothing that would stop me from feeling like the fanciest person alive with this type of ice.

"There's a rubber duck store near my house."

Okay, maybe this is a stretch in regards to something someone has, but someone owns the store! The greatest store on Earth, might I add!

"These cuff links double as working lighters."

I didn't think lighters took up enough pocket space for them to need to be made smaller, but that need resulted in some pretty cool cufflinks!

"Apartment hunting when, pebble river."

I actually don't hate this but the surrounding tile really does it an injustice.

"This shower head in my hotel let's you dial in an exact temperature for the water to stay at."

Wait, are there people who know exactly what temperature they want their water? I just want it hot.

"We found a safe behind a fake electrical socket in our new house."

I think it should be illegal to post photos of a secret safe in your house without opening it first. Now I'll never know what secrets it holds.

"Sick underglow."

I think everyone deserves to live their best, most luxurious life even if that includes an underglow on your lawn mower.

"This ceiling fan at my parents’ house is made of two separate oscillating fans."

There's no way this is more effective than a ceiling fan...right?

"This gun mailbox."

A surefire way to scare off intruders and make mail carriers feel vaguely threatened.

"My dad installed a urinal in his house."

This actually isn't that crazy. If anything, it's convenient. But seeing as urinals are almost exclusively in public toilets, something about this feels...illegal.

"Welcome to Florida."

I don't know if this is actually in Florida. If anything, it would make sense for this to be in a landlocked area. Bring the sea to you.

"A private ambulance I saw today."

Usually, when someone is driving this type of vehicle, it's already far too late for an ambulance to be any assistance.

"My friend has a vertical library in his house where you ride up and down to pick books."

Reading is already such an effort for me, why do I have to work for it even more?

"This completely matte black house I passed."

Forgive my tacky tastes and leanings but I actually adore this. I really, really adore this.

Culture Clash, Kinda.

I have to commend the creativity here. Shells and dinosaurs, not a common combo.

"My purple potatoes look like gemstones."

These are gorgeous. They hurt my teeth to look at despite knowing they're potatoes, but they're gorgeous.

"Found these measuring spoons with non-standard sizes in the back of a kitchen drawer."

Finally, all my family's old recipes make sense!

"My friend showed me his tiny violin."

He has so much power. He can actually play someone a song on the world's smallest violin.

"Laughed audibly in the store."

Fitness, but make it formal and entirely inconvenient.

"Painted meat cleavers I done did."

These are so cool! The artwork on its own it so well done but it's such a creative canvas too!

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