Twitter Thinks Woman Who Flirted With Trump At Town Hall Looks 'Just Like' Allison Janney

The presidential election this year has a lot riding on it, and while it's definitely important to stay aware and informed of all the serious discussions and events that are happening during the election, it can be nice to take a moment to just appreciate the lighter side, like the reaction to a woman who went viral after appearing on President Trump's town hall.

On October 15th, both presidential candidates held town halls.

Both candidates had an opportunity to answer questions about their campaigns and promises uninterrupted on separate networks, with Joe Biden on ABC and Donald Trump on NBC.

There was a surprise star of the President's town hall who took over social media.

Paulette Dale, a voter from Florida, took the mic and caught a lot of attention.

Partially, she received attention for her flirtatious compliment telling President Trump that he looked "so handsome" when he smiled, complete with some nervous giggling.

However, the other reason Twitter took notice of Paulette was because she bears a striking resemblance to a famous actress.

Many pointed out that Paulette looked incredibly similar to actress Allison Janney.

Some people even suggested that Paulette was simply Allison in disguise as a character.

"Oh my, just realized she looks just like Allison Janney in glasses. Lol, maybe she's going to come out and say haha just joking," one fan tweeted.

It turns out Paulette's crush doesn't mean she's voting for him in November.

“I wish he would smile more and talk less,” Paulette told The Miami New Times. “I think the man has a nice smile. However, I’m not a fan."

We think that's something that Allison Janney would agree with her on!