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People Are Delighted By This Optical Illusion Pic Of A Fluffy Cat In The Clouds

Many cats have their photos shared online every day, but it's only those extra special furballs who go viral and get a coveted internet name.

The latest kitty to achieve such a moniker is a white kitten floof named Clyde, or as the internet has now dubbed him: Cloud Cat.

It started when his human, Amanda, thought she'd snap a picture of Clyde on his perch as he watched her leave the house through the window.

The timing was perfect, since the window reflected back the cloudy sky and turned Clyde into a benevolent fluffy god gazing down upon his neighborhood.

Amanda had no idea that her silly little photo would be liked more than a million times on Twitter.

A lot of comments noted that the image confirmed what we've always assumed about cats and their opinions of themselves.

"You somehow took a picture of your cat's self image," commented @elPresCastro.

He even inspired some amazing fanart!

Clyde was born on June 16, 2020, but he's already internet famous!

And as a mix of two of the largest, fluffiest cat breeds, he's likely to grow into quite the majestic cloud.

I can't wait to watch him grow up!

"Clyde has done nothing but make me smile since he came to live with us, I'm glad the photo of him had the same effect on so many people," Amanda said.

If you'd like to follow his journey too, Amanda has made him a new Instagram account @clydethecloudcat.