18+ People Who Never Heard ‘If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything’

It is important that we try and help each other out in this cutthroat world that we live in! However, there are some people out there who strive to be as rude and impolite as possible!

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy marvelling at these 18+ people who never heard, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything!"

"A class of schoolchildren were asked to write haikus. One wrote this. It's a masterpiece."

How many of you

counted it out to make sure

they had done it right?

Well, That's A Little Impolite!

I mean, it's nice they put this sign up to try and save people's lives, but there had to be a more delicate way to put it?

"I mean it!"

In fairness, I might put this on my door even when there is no sleeping baby, as I've never once been happy to see someone selling something at my door.

"I'm not sure which way this guy is facing."

He might have a Lord Voldemort/Professor Quirrel situation going on! Although, if that were true, would he have to buy tickets for two passengers or just one?

Take It Easy Walgreens!

Now I can just imagine people driving up to the Drive-Thru window, getting flipped off by an employee, and then driving away.

"I think I'll just read the news online today..."

You know what, I just can't handle the negativity in the press these days. Now it's not only all doom and gloom, now they're filling the pages with angry bees! What next?!

"What do you say when you weren't expecting a bridge to be there?"

I think I would be saying it more alarmedly if the sign actually read, "Oshita Bridge Is Missing."

"So my grade 5 son had 'the birds and the bees' lesson at school today. Needless to say he wasn't impressed."

I love the tone of the phrase, "I've learned enough" in this context. You can picture the face of repulsion on this kid's face when he wrote this.

"The look on Weird Al's face says it all."

Even the treasure that is Weird Al looks like he might struggle to find a funny and positive spin to put on this terrible tattoo!

"This is just mean!"

I always like to try on a small! If not only because it makes me feel like a giant who is trying on clothes in a strange land of tiny people.

Wow... That's Gotta Hurt!

Social media really did change the game when it came to calling out your exes! I'd like to say that I experienced this in a relationship in middle school, but I was about as popular as a fart in a Winnebago.

For When You Want To Be Unnecessarily Hostile On The Road!

If there has ever been a bumper sticker to get people to treat you terribly on the road, then this is assuredly it!

Whatever Works!

Wait a minute, so what they're saying here is that in this instance two wrongs did make a right?! My whole life has been a lie!

"Thats one way to celebrate something!"

Aside from the snot-looking material that reads, "Have Day" this looks like quite a nice cake!

"Say...isn't he that actor?"

Just because he has a slightly ridiculous name doesn't mean it is okay to make fun of him! You leave Befuddlement Cummerbund alone!

To The Naughty Tank With You!

Just because he tore up the backgrounds and stuff doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't want them, maybe he loves the feeling of destruction?

"They say sarcasm doesn't translate well into text..."

This guy looks primed and ready to "chase" away any criminals at the "drop of a hat," so don't you worry about that!

Wow, That One Hurts...

Well, the person who wrote this was stupid enough to miss the capital letter off the start of this sentence! Yep, a grammatical victory here is the only one I have and I'm sticking with it!

"Saw this at my college... I still think it's harsh!"

There are few things worse than hearing someone fumble their way through trying to play an instrument that they aren't good at. It's one of the reasons I quit my job as a music teacher.

"When you pause and say 'uh' when they ask your name at Starbucks."

"So, your name is Kevin?"

"Actually, it's 'Uh-Kevin'! It's uhh, French?"

"Uh-French, or just French?"