Fans Can't Decide If Henry Cavill Is Hotter With A Beard Or Without One

Everyone's got their own preferences when it comes to what they think is attractive. Some people like tall guys. Some people like blonde girls. A very, very large percentage of people love beards.

When it comes to our favorite Hollywood hunk, it can be tough to decide if we prefer them bearded or clean-shaven.

Henry Cavill shot to fame when he played the famously clean-shaven Superman.

Henry has those classic Hollywood handsome faces that really suits a bare face — especially that adorable little chin dimple.

"Honestly, Henry Cavill’s bone structure is on another level - he looks BETTER without a beard, like how is that even possible?!" one fan tweeted.

However, he also looks rugged with a beard.

Some fans are pretty passionate that this is the superior look for Henry.

"Show me Henry Cavill with a beard or don’t make me look at his face," one fan declared on Twitter.

For most fans, however, they just can't decide which looks best.

"Beard or no beard, Henry Cavill is so hot," one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "I love me some Henry Cavill. Beard or no beard. Shirt, armor or bare chest. Nom."

How are you supposed to decide?!

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer Henry when he's clean-shaven like Superman, or do you like him with a little mountain man style beard? Let us know in the comments!

My vote would have to be for the handlebar mustache.