8+ Times A Tiny Detail Made Products Even Better

Sometimes, it's the little things that make a huge difference, am I right? That's definitely the case with the products on this list. While they might look like your run-of-the-mill items, a small, added feature took them to the next level. Let's check them out!

This TV has built-in cable management.

My TV has this, too, and it is SUCH a selling point. Being able to line up the cables and tuck them out of sight is a god-tier feature.

A couch, but make it better.

What would make any couch better? If it had a tiny dog bed in it, of course. This brilliant couch design incorporates a tiny dog couch or bed on the side.

This microwave has an outlet on it.

Hello, genius design. It never occurred to me to want an outlet on a microwave before, but now I am positively enraged that mine doesn't have one on it. Get it together, microwave.

This USB hub does something pretty damn cool.

Honestly, there's not a lot this hub can't do. It has ports for multiple items, plugs into any USB-C device, and oh...did I mention it has a 2 TB storage hard drive in it? Get more info here.

This fridge has built-in lazy Susans.

YAAAS. Finally, no more pushing aside other jars to get to something you've left at the back of the fridge, only to discover it expired six months ago! Ingenuity at its finest.

This phone case charges your AirPods.

Honestly, I'm surprised this is the first case of its kind. It's such a no-brainer! This is a battery case that attaches to your phone, charging it and your AirPods.

This umbrella catches its own water.

Man, this is a genius design. When you turn the umbrella upside down, the crown collects all of the water that drips down from the canvas! Score.

This is a two-in-one I can get behind.

Things that should not be two-in-one: shampoo and conditioner.

Things that should be: this carabiner and key combo, which basically guarantees you'll never lose your keys again.

If I saw this at a restaurant, I'd lose my mind.

This is SO SMART. Just pop in the chop sticks and hand the menu to customers, and boom — no need to remember to put them out on the tables. I love this.

This electrical socket comes straight out of the wall.

Because the socket is secretly an extension cord! Petition for all sockets in all homes and businesses to do this from now on. This would solve so many problems, you guys.

This beer bucket has a very handy extra feature.

So, say you're having a party. You grab your bucket, you chuck some ice in it, fill it with bottles, and carry it outside. What have you forgotten? The damn bottle opener!

Forget the bottle opener no longer with this bucket that has it built-in. Nice.

Using these taps is a delight.

After you're finished washing your hands, you can move them under those wings and dry them off! Yup, those are built-in hand dryers. What will they think of next?

How can you make a spatula better? This is how.

It has a frickin' stand! I can't believe more spatulas aren't like this. It would seriously cut down on the amount of food I get on my countertops while cooking, tbh.

This plate comes with its own tiny cutting board.

Is it me, or would this be an amazing idea for restaurants? No longer would we have to hear that horrific sound when knife meets plate. Goodbye, scraping sound. I hate you.

I cannot tell you how handy this would be.

This laptop's touchpad has a light-up number pad on it! This would be way easier to use than the numbers up on the top row. Am I the only one who hates the design of those?

I love this toaster so much.

It has a little Pop-Tarts setting! I had no idea that you have to cook Pop-Tarts at that low a setting, tbh. I was expecting it to be near the middle. I've been cooking those wrong my whole life.

This pencil from the Supreme Court has a special feature.

It has a gavel for an eraser! There's a lot to love about this, but I'm particularly enjoying the idea of getting two erasers. You know those things run out fast.

All fans should have these.

I know there's a trick to them. I know they're different heights to indicate different uses. But damned if I don't forget which is which every single time. I want these!

Infinite basketballs.

Apparently, basketballs with built-in pumps used to be common — at least, according to Reddit. According to me, who played basketball and is over 30: that experience is not universal!

Ah, the things we had to do before we had phones.

For example, we had to just guess the weather. Miss the morning news? Tough, you're guessing at the weather. Unless you had this jacket with a built-in thermometer — then you were set. Obviously.

This credit card's CVV changes numbers every four hours.

Well, that's one way for me to constantly forget my CVV when online shopping. In all seriousness, this is a really cool new feature to prevent identity theft!

All objects should be this multi-functional.

This stapler has a built-in pencil sharpener, and a staple remover. Hello? Why don't all staplers have built-in staple removers at the very least?

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