Dad Accidentally Orders 20-Foot Dinosaur Sculpture For His Young Son

As parents, we're constantly trying to make our kids happy. When it comes to their likes and hobbies, we always want to nurture them and build upon their imagination. Sometimes, that means buying them toys and things that line up with their likes. Maybe those toys are dolls to dress up and style. Other times, they're cars and trucks to play with and build on.

If you're kids love dinosaurs, you probably have a bunch of dino toys around the house, too.

Unsplash | Huang Yingone

Some kids have a distinct fascination with dinosaurs. Some of them like to play with them and make them growl. Others are interested in the actual names and information about dinosaurs.

My interest in dinosaurs started when I saw 'The Land Before Time'.

Unsplash | Daiga Ellaby

As a kid, I was always interested in dinosaurs after I saw the movie, The Land Before Time. That was a staple VHS in our house and because of that, my love for dinosaurs was solidified.

So, my mom went out and bought a bunch of dinosaur toys for me for birthdays and holidays because... who doesn't want some pretty cool little dinosaurs?!?

Unsplash | Daniel Cheung

I remember being the most excited to open boxes of mini T-Rex characters. Lucky for my mom, shopping online wasn't a thing back in the day, or she may have made a grave mistake like this one dad from the U.K.

Andre Bisson wanted to get his four-year-old son a "pet dinosaur."

Unsplash | ckturistando

After seeing that a nearby amusement park was getting rid of some of their dinosaur sculptures, Andre decided that trying to buy one would be an excellent gift for his four-year-old son.

Andre knew the dinosaur was going to be big, just not...how big.

The dad said he didn't realize how big the dinosaur was going to actually be, until of course the shipping company had some issues loading the dino onto their shipping truck.

The "pet dinosaur" happens to be 20 feet long and almost 8 feet tall.

Clocking in at a whopping 7'9'', this dinosaur is bigger than anyone ever could have expected. When they said "dinosaur sculpture" I wasn't sure that Andre was expecting an actual dinosaur-sized dino pet.

The sculpture was so big, that the dino had to be "crane dropped" into the family's backyard.

A giant crane had to lift the dinosaur out of the shipping truck and drop the dino into the family's backyard from an alarmingly high spot. This dinosaur isn't going anywhere for quite some time.

Andre had mentioned to people online that his son, Theo, had a pretty rough go.

The dad shared online that his son had gone through a lot as a child.

“24 hours after he was born Theo was rushed to hospital, if that had been 36 hours, he wouldn’t have made it. After three years, he is better, so I went to the extreme and bought him a pet dino," he said.

Theo absolutely loves his new pet dinosaur though!

Although the dinosaur is 10x the size of young Theo, he immediately fell in love with his new "pet." Dad says that he got a chain for Theo to "walk" him and he wanted to feed him and take care of him almost immediately!

At least this little parenting goof has a happy ending!