Bride Bans Parents From Her Wedding After They Insist She Share It With Her Sister

The idea of a double wedding may not appeal to everyone, but there are indeed some people out there who choose to share their own special day with another couple, like these identical twin sisters who said "I do" to a set of identical twin brothers in side-by-side ceremonies.

The decision to hold a joint ceremony isn't one to be taken lightly, since most of us tie the knot assuming it's going to be our one and only time walking down the aisle. So it should really be up to the people actually getting married to decide whether they want to share the day or not.

But one bride has been left positively fuming after her parents went ahead and made that decision for her. She's so mad, in fact, that she's decided to ban them from the wedding completely.

The unnamed woman shared her story to the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole to see what other people thought of this truly bizarre situation.

In that post, she explainined that she and her fiancé have planned to tie the knot in a ceremony in November 2021. But as far as her parents are concerned, they shouldn't be the only two standing at the altar — her sister should be there with her own fiancé, too.

A few weeks after she got engaged, her sister Rosie also became engaged to her boyfriend, Mick.

As the woman wrote, she and her sister haven't exactly had the best relationship, but she's on even worse terms with Mick.

Both the woman and her own groom-to-be dislike Mick, mostly because he's "like a caricature of the phrase 'toxic masculinity'." Not only has he shamed the couple's young son for wearing nail polish, but he's also hit on Rosie's sister in the past, and has even "slut-shamed" her.

Mick and Rosie began looking into booking a venue, but found that the earliest they could tie the knot in their area would be in April 2022.

As the woman explained, venues are very limited where they live. In fact, there are really only three places to host a wedding, one of which she and her own fiancé managed to snag for their big day in November 2021.

Some important background info is that the woman's parents are paying for two-thirds of her wedding, since they invited two-thirds of the guests and thus made it a more expensive ceremony.

After hearing of their other daughter's plight, the woman's parents decided that it only made sense for her to share her venue and, more importantly, her ceremony with Rosie and Mick.

"Mum and dad told us today that we will now be having a double wedding," the rightfully stunned bride wrote online.

Apparently, her parents reasoned that since they're paying for two-thirds of the ceremony, they have the "final say" on this matter.

Of course, the woman wasn't about to let go of her dream wedding that easily. She told her parents that she had no interest in letting Rosie be part of her wedding, and she certainly didn't want to see Mick standing at the altar with her own fiancé.

"They said I was being immature and should learn to share the spotlight... [They said] that Rosie can't get anything in the next 18 months and it wasn't fair to make her wait that long, plus if they're paying for well over half the wedding and won't be interfering on anything else, we should allow this."

Upon hearing this, the woman decided she would have to take drastic measures to ensure her wedding day remained her own.

She told her parents that she and her fiancé would be paying for the entire wedding themselves, and in order to do that, they would be un-inviting all those extra people her parents had added to the guest list.

Oh, plus a few extra people, including Rosie, Mick, and her parents.

Of course, that decision has caused a huge rift in the family, with everyone accusing the woman of overreacting to the situation.

In fact, both the woman's parents and Rosie have accused her of being selfish for un-inviting them, leading her to now start doubting her decision.

So she's turned to the people of Reddit to see if they can answer one very important question: is she the asshole in the situation?

The answer was a resounding "no."

"What the hell are the parents smoking?" one user implored. "Demanding that you share a wedding is beyond outrageous. Maybe, just MAYYYYBE, I can understand sharing a reception (I mean I still don't...), but a wedding?"

Another added, "Her parents were being ridiculous and I understand why she snapped."

Some people said the woman was smart to put a stop to everything now, since there's no telling what else her parents would have tried to change about her wedding.

As this person pointed out, "If OP hadn't put her foot down now chances are that every little detail would have been nitpicked over because Rosie and Mick wanted different colors and decorations and menu modifications and on and on."

However, there were also some people who thought perhaps the woman should relent a little and at least still invite her sister to the wedding (as a guest, of course, not another bride).

They pointed out that from the woman's retelling of the events, it doesn't sound like Rosie did anything wrong. After all, it was their parents pushing for the double wedding, not her.

What do you think of this whole situation? Should the woman have reacted differently or was she right to uninvite everyone that she did? Let us know!

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