Costco's Hot Cocoa Bombs Are Exploding With Chocolate And Mini Marshmallows

Man, what doesn't Costco have these days?

If you've spent any time on the internet, you may have come across the growing frenzy of hot cocoa bombs. If you haven't, allow me to paint you a word picture:

It's like a bath bomb, but for your hot beverages.

I know, they sound amazing. Let's check them out.

So, what's a hot cocoa bomb?

As I mentioned, it quite literally is a bath bomb for your hot beverages. You pop it in your mug and pour hot milk over the chocolate shell. When that melts, the "bomb" explodes and produces cocoa powder and marshmallows!

People are seriously loving them.

They're super delicious and burst open with some amazing flavors inside! Make sure to keep an eye on your local Costco for these as the holiday season approaches.

Costco is selling them for $18.99.


You get 16 different bombs in the pack, each with its own unique flavor! I'd go for a s'mores one myself, but I respect anyone who wants to get adventurous with a strawberry one.

If you can't find some at your Costco...

Lots of small businesses also make them, and with a bit more of that small business artisanal spirit! You can check out Etsy for yours, or hit up a business like Keilani Sweet Shack!