Madonna Shows Off New Pink Hair On Instagram

For all of its faults, 2020 has one thing going for it — this is the perfect year to try out fun, funky new styles that you otherwise wouldn't have. If it works out, you have some great pictures to share online, and if it doesn't quite work for you, you're not really seeing a lot of people anyway, so you're safe!

That also applies to celebrities, like Madonna.

Madonna has always been a legend.

Alongside her iconic music career, Madonna's also incredibly famous for her style. While she's experimented with different hair colors styles in the past, she's most well-known for her long bottle blonde hair.

Even four decades after her career began, Madonna still mostly rocks that blonde.

Up until recently, that is.

If I'd had one hair color for the majority of my life in the public eye, I'd definitely be feeling the need to switch it up, so it makes sense that the queen of re-inventing herself had the same idea.

On October 12th, Madonna debuted a brand new look.

Posting a series of pictures to her Instagram, Madonna showed off some gorgeous pastel pink hair with some matching lipstick.

Of course, her fans flooded her comments section to share how much they loved the look, with one fan writing, "You INVENTED pink hair!"

"Rosadonna!" one fan joked.

"I absolutely positively love love love your hair! I wish you did it sooner!" another fan commented.

What do you think of Madonna's new look? Do you love the color, or do you think she looks better with her classic style? Let us know in the comments!