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14+ Things Betty White Is Older Than

Everybody knows that Betty White has been around longer than many, many inventions. When you're born in 1922, that tends to happen.

She's celebrating her 98th birthday, yet she still has as much spunk and energy as any young actress in Hollywood (maybe even more).

When you stop and think about all of the things that were invented after Betty was born, it kind of blows your mind. It's pretty amazing that Betty was able to watch society grow and create the things that a lot of us use in our day-to-day lives.

1. Scotch tape was invented in the '30s.


2. Penicillin wasn't discovered until 1928, and by then Betty was six years old!

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3. While there were many early designs of the helicopter dating back to 400 BC, the first world record was set in 1924 for flying a helicopter a whopping 393 yards.

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4. While chewing gum was invented long before Betty was born, bubble gum was invented in 1928, when Betty was six years old.

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What a time to be alive!

5. Sliced bread was a revolutionary invention that wasn't around until 1928.


6. Ritz crackers are my favorite snack, and it's a shame that Betty had to spend 12 years of her life without them!

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7. Betty was 18 years old when McDonald's was first established and had to wait another 27 years to try the Big Mac. Crazy!

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8. People spent many years trying to perfect the ballpoint pen, which wasn't until 1938. Even then it took five years for them to actually be sold to the public.

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People take the ballpoint for granted, but it was quite revolutionary at the time.

9. Betty had to wait until she was 31 years old before she could watch color television. We're so spoiled these days!


10. The Slinky wasn't available to the public until 1945. It's hard to believe that such a simple toy took so long to invent.

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11. Betty was well into her adult years when Barbie was created in 1959.

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12. Obviously, computers weren't a household item when Betty was growing up, but even the United States Navy didn't develop their own analog computer until 1938!

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We've come such a long way!

13. Believe it or not, the first modern trampoline wasn't invented until 1936! 

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14. Tupperware wasn't introduced to the public until 1948.

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15. Velcro wasn't invented until 1941 and wasn't introduced to the public until the late '50s.

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Think of all the kids who needed help tying up their shoelaces!

Happy 98th birthday, Betty!

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