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People Are 'Boo-zing' Their Friends This Halloween By Leaving Surprise Gift Bags At Their Door

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Halloween season! Spooky season happens to be my all-time favorite season of all because, who doesn't love Halloween? Everything is black, dark, skull-decorated, and pumpkin-themed. Cable networks play the best scary, spooky movies all month long, and all of the candy is on sale for everyone to enjoy. Seriously, who doesn't love Halloween?!?

This year, things are a bit different, though.

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With many places still experiencing mandates surrounding COVID-19, Halloween is just not shaping up to be the "fun time" that it usually is, unfortunately.

In the past, we would all get together to party and play.

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Us adults still love to dress up and go out with friends to celebrate the spooky season together. But, with social distancing in place, many are staying home this year instead of going out to celebrate.

Luckily, there's a way to keep the spirit of Halloween fun and festive this year.

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Sticking with social distancing mandates, people are showing up at their loved one's houses and leaving gift baskets that are perfect for the spooky season.

People are going around the neighborhood dropping off "You've Been Boozed" baskets to friends and family.

The baskets include all the Halloween favorites, like candy and fun, but also the added treat of some booze. Who doesn't want to have a tipsy time this Halloween?

Of course, the baskets are fantastic.

Having some booze on hand definitely takes the edge off of staying home on Halloween with our young kids. What parents don't want to crack open a cold one while they "virtually" trick-or-treat?

Some people are even dropping off kid-friendly versions, too.

The kid-friendly version still uses the cute little phrase, but instead of "boozed" they say, "You've been booed," and have fun packages filled with candy and other treats.

Some people online have come up with some adorable and creative versions.

Using Halloween decorations and other fun things, some are going around the neighborhood being the "Halloween fairy," dropping them off from door to door.

Some stores are even getting in on the fun!

Some stores and companies are getting in on the Halloween fun by having people come and create their own "boo baskets" to bring home for themselves.

For a socially distanced Halloween, we love this idea.

Nothing says "neighborly love" quite like leaving a bottle of booze on your front steps. Thanks to the internet for coming up with some of the most fantastic ideas! Happy "BOOzing!"