Quotes For People Who Know Real Love Isn't Like The Movies

I'm not anti-romance. When done well, a good romance plot can sweep me off my feet and plant me right in that place where if the writer of the work dares to hurt either side of the couple I will hunt them down and there will be words.

However, what counts as "good romance" to me vs. the entire target audience of something like the Hallmark Channel is clearly at odds.

I'm just not into the fairytale thing.

I get the appeal of escapist fiction, but when it comes to relationships, I prefer stories that are grounded in reality rather than tropes.

And the reality of romance is that it's messy and often weird AF.

There's no "running for the plane at the last second to announce your love."

These days, security would probably tackle you before you ever got close to the gate.

Cuddling in bed isn't softly lit and cozy. Rather, you're really enjoying the company, but your one arm is asleep, your partner's head is on your hair, and your bladder has been full for the last half-hour.

And you know what? That bladder-bursting moment of numbing zen is *perfect*.

It's perfect because it's real. It's perfect because that trapped hair is tangled and hasn't been washed in three days. It's perfect because your partner hasn't showered yet and they smell like their natural funky self instead of that flowery shower gel they like.

Perfection is boring. Give me real and weird any day.

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