Instagram Account Showcases Beautiful Interiors From Around The World

Do you ever find yourself admiring pictures of amazing interior designs? I gotta admit, I do. There's something addictive about feasting your eyes on beautifully coordinated spaces that — at least I — find enjoyable.

If you're like me I bet you'll get a total kick out of this amazing Instagram account that's entirely devoted to out-of-this-world interior design ideas.

1. This Room With A View

OMG, I would die for this view! Not only is the view all around but check out that sky too. This is probably the kind of place James Bond would pick to stay at.

2. This Shower

Isn't there something so soothing about taking a shower in peace? I find that so serene. But if I could take a shower in this place I think I would be transformed into a place even more calming.

3. This Modern Architecture

If I could pick a place that was one big open space this would be it. I love the whole layout of this house. It reminds me of some fancy and chic hotel or something of that nature.

4. This Nature Lover's Dream

I already showed you a beautiful place with a view but this one is quite different. I think this house would appeal to anyone who loves to be surrounded by nature. Looking at these trees would be so mesmerizing.

5. This Green Hideaway

Speaking of nature, what do you make of this place? I think this is the kind of escape I wouldn't say no to, like, ever hee, hee. Come on, can somebody take me on a vacation here?

6. This Outdoor Haven

One day I would love to have a cool patio to spend my days and nights on. I don't know if I can achieve something like this but this is definitely quite the design inspo here, no?

7. This Pretty In Pink Bathroom

If pink is your favorite color just feast your eyes on this pretty bathroom. Everything in here is so gorgeous. I don't even know where to focus my attention on. I think I'm in love.

8. This Cozy Setting

If you're the kind of person who likes to lounge in bed in the most chill way possible I think you'll love this place. I absolutely adore that they used this cool lighting instead of a boring bed frame.

9. This Translucent Home

If this isn't one of the most unusual homes you've ever seen I dunno what is. I can't say I've ever stumbled upon a design that made the exterior translucent like this one. It's stunning outside and inside indeed.

10. This Container Home

I've written about people making homes out of containers but this isn't what I had in mind. This is some next-level design and that's even putting it lightly, ha, ha! I can't get over the whole idea of it here.

11. This Car Garage

Um, seriously I've never seen a garage quite like this one before. Not only it looks super unique from the outside but it comes with a cozy room upstairs. This is the coolest thing I've ever laid my eyes on.

12. This Pool Area

In addition to a nice patio, I've always wanted to have my own pool. That's one luxury that's totally worth it for me. If I could have a pool area like this I would be one lucky lady.

13. This House With A Marina

If you're someone who's lucky enough to own a boat wouldn't you love to have a private marina like this one? Oh wow, not only this place is located on a rock but the marina takes it up a notch.

14. This Sunken Living Room

Sunken living rooms or conversation pits were really common in the '70s. You don't see them too much today, but I say it's time we brought them back! Wouldn't it be so cozy to lounge here all day?

15. This Kitchen With A Majestic View

It would be amazing to experience this natural light show every day from your kitchen while cooking dinner. You can't beat a view like that! The colors are simply gorgeous.

All I can say after looking at these is, wow.

I'm absolutely blown away by all these amazing ideas here. If I had all the money in the world I would get a few houses so I can have them look as good as these, ha, ha!