12+ Tattoos That Beautifully Incorporate People's Scars And Birthmarks

So, let's be real: scars, birthmarks, and other markings are part and parcel of having a body. Whether we're born with them, acquired them by accident, or even inflicted some on ourselves, marks on our bodies become part of our daily lives.

For these people, those markings served as inspiration for some really cool tattoos!

The truth is out there.

There are a few abduction tattoos out there, but none of them are as cool as this one. The watercolors on it are...well, out of this world. WHAT? I had to say it.

Honestly, this was the only logical thing to do with a birthmark that shape.

What else could you possibly do? This sweet little tattoo is hilarious year-round, but I personally would love it most at Christmas. It has the exact opposite of Christmas vibes.

Now this is next-level genius.

The little dots above and below the tattoo really do look like fish bones! I'd love to know if they're white ink, or part of the scar. Either way, this is beyond cool.

This is incredibly creative.

A snake wrapped around a scar is such a cool, creative idea for a tattoo! This is a survivor tattoo, so it has extra meaning. I love the intricacy of the snake, including that cute little head!

Incorporating the texture of a scar into a tattoo is so cool.

These scars help give the sails on the ship an actual fabric appearance. This is a great way to lean into scars while also helping cover them up, even if it's just a little bit.

This birthmark tattoo is delightful.

It's space! I love when people turn their birthmarks into little art pieces. This one uses the spread of the mark to create a galaxy effect. Those little stars are the perfect addition.

This tattoo is of the wearer's dog!

They didn't really like their scar, so they decided to use it as a starting place for a fun tattoo of their dog! I love that it's running across their arm.

This one is called "unknown land."

What do you do with a birthmark that takes up your arm? You tattoo the edges and create your own fantastical land, of course! No one can say they have the same tattoo.

The cleverness never stops with scar tattoos.

How do people even think of these things? I really love that they embrace the odd shapes of their scars and work hard to come up with fun ways to display them.

This one incorporates a famous painting.

It's a recreation of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss," and I love how the lines really work with the tattoo. It looks like an extension of the painting's line work!

Do not mess with this big cat.

"[...] used to joke I got in a fight with a panther when people asked about my scars, love it so much."

This is such a badass way to incorporate those scars.

May the scar be with you.

This was the only thing to do with that scar. The scar is still there, but now it has shading, and a tiny Darth friend! I would totally do this one.

Caution: steep drops.

"Scar based tattoo by Chris Pincus, Revelation Tattoo in Hatfield, PA. Scar covers my entire stomach and looked like a roller coaster to me."

I would totally do this, too.

This is badass.

It's a frickin' SHARK. This tattoo is such a cool idea, because the scar truly looks like it's part of the shark's skin. PS if you want to maintain your sanity, don't google shark skin.

It's the simplest ideas that make me laugh the most, tbh.

I mean, come on. What else could you do with a birthmark shaped like that? They saw an opportunity, and they took it. I wonder if they'll eventually continue to add more dots, and even some ghosts?

Now that's some wine mom energy.

This is a great way to work with a birthmark in such a deep color. Why not just turn it into a cute little mark with some big wine mom energy?

Honestly, why not?

"[...] at first I was debating between this or a pancake with like melted butter on top. I think this was the better choice :)"

Completely agree. This is genuinely funny and creative.

Scar texture can seriously be turned into amazing art.

"I got badly burnt on my arm (thanks hospitality) but Instead of covering the scar up, I incorporated it. Thanks to Jesse at With Love Tattoo in Brisbane."

That is an awesome tattoo. Look at the shading!

This appendix scar became a cute place for a bunny to rest.

This is so small, and so sweet. It's definitely one of those tattoos you'd never expect to get — but then again, not everyone expects to lose their appendix, either.

Work with what you've got.

The story behind this one is so sweet — she hated her birthmark before she got her tattoo.

"I did this for myself to help me feel more comfortable in my own skin."

This is so entirely metal.

This seriously looks like a velociraptor's claws. I would show this off to anyone who asked about it and say it was from my time at Jurassic Park.

This scar was a blank canvas.

Now it's a gorgeous flower! You'd never know a scar was underneath, but somehow you can still feel the energy of it. Is that just me?

Do you have any tattoos or scars? Let us know!

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