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Hit The Road In Style In A Customized Van That Doubles As A Tiny Home

We can't think of a comfier way to embark on an adventure than with this customized van that is also a tiny home.

Outside Van, a Portland-based company, is known for customizing their impressive vans with some innovative features.

With so many people not being able to enjoy traditional travel these days, having a fully functional and stylish home with wheels — and internet access — opens up a whole world of possibility.

These tiny home-slash-vans will fuel your hunger for adventure.

This high-tech speed racer can drive into your life with convenient features like working electricity, running water, and even functional kitchens with sleek designs and utilities.

Some even come equipped with their own entertainment systems.

These customizations are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what these tiny home vans can do.

It's the ultimate customized experience.

Outside Van

This expansive option system allows customers to either pick a pre-existing design or customize their own using a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or a Ford Transit model.

When they choose to start from scratch, the real fun begins.

Every avid car lover will be shouting for joy when they find out that both the interior and exterior can be customized.

Enjoy the journey on the country road, far from home while still in your home.

From insulation and noise control, to flooring, lighting, and wall design, these cars are beautiful from inside out.

Storage can be customized for all kinds of travel equipment, like kayaks, skis, and more.

The bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms can be designed with so many custom options, and there are endless opportunities to utilize space with convenience.

It's like HGTV's version of pimp my ride, and we're totally on board.

Drive away and never look back on the road not taken.

For those ready to get their vacation started, each premium interior starts at $19,000 and can run more depending on your unique customizations.

If you head over to outsidevan.com, you can find your perfect tiny home van and embark on the perfect off-grid voyage.

Thinking of hitting the road in one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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