People Share Their Weird Food Creations In The Facebook Group 'Rate My Plate'

Have you ever made something that looked weird but tasted really good? I used to do that when I was a kid. For example —and I know this is bizarre — but I used to eat bread with butter and granulated sugar.

If you enjoy this type of stuff there's actually a Facebook group devoted to people's unusual food tastes. I think it's right up my alley.

Okay, so I know I said I used to eat bread with butter and sugar but it definitely looked better than this.

These classic mushrooms on toast don't exactly scream delicious to me. Hopefully —at least to this person, they are.

At first glance, I thought these were some kind of eyeballs.

Once you get past that thought perhaps you can proceed to eat it. For me, I'm still stuck on that thought and that's enough of a turn off indeed.

Is it just me or do hot dogs seem to be a popular item in this group?

I guess there are so many nasty ways you can eat them, lol. I'm not a fan but you eat it at your own risk.

I dunno if you remember that I have a tattoo of an octopus. I absolutely adore those sea creatures.

I don't even order calamari when I eat out. For me, eating this would be a total sacrilege but you go ahead if you like.

Here's someone who definitely likes to be playful with their food.

And for that, I do commend them dearly. Wouldn't this be something your kids might get a total kick out of? This appeals to my inner child for sure.

Now, this is more to my liking. This, I can get fully behind.

I actually think it's way too cute to eat it. I would just like to stare at it and let it make me laugh all day, hee, hee!

What do you think this was supposed to be?

Apparently, this cake was meant to resemble a cat. Well, call me crazy but this doesn't look like any kitty I've ever seen. I don't think this lady has any future in baking. Do you?

Speaking of baking, what do you think of these Cookie Monster cookies?

I think they're absolutely adorable. I dunno if I would pick that particular color for them though. They do look just a tad similar to colorful bars of soap.

I dunno what all the fuss is "a boot". Get it? A boot?

I guess you have to be a Canadian to get this reference. Sorry about that, ha, ha! But this is a cool boot of beef, if I do say so myself.

Here's one way to never have your children want to eat chicken again.

Facebook | Rate My Plate

From now on every time they look at a piece of chicken meat they will think of poor Barbie. I dunno, that might be pushing it. Don't you think?

This person might have found a new job in meat sculpting — if that was ever a thing.

Facebook | Rate My Plate

Otherwise, I think this might the most useless skill I've ever seen. I don't think I want to see this thing cooked either though.

OMG, what the heck is that ha, ha?

The person who posted this picture called this — and I quote "Sosigs on Garlic with Salsa, Cheddar Mash & Cheesy Blanket." Um, okay. These sausages have a look of horror on their faces, too.

If you're looking for something to bake to scare your children this Halloween let me introduce you to this gem.

Although, once they lay their eyes on this beauty they might have scary dreams for the rest of the night.

OMG, I can't believe I haven't found this Facebook group until now.

Just what kind of foodie am I? Ha, ha! Now that I have laid my eyes on it I'm going to spend some time going through all the pictures. What about you?