Unsplash | Ravi Palwe

Woman DIYs Nintendo Game Console Bedding And It's Making Us Nostalgic For NES

Remember Nintendo NES? The clunky graphics, the limited mobility of the game, the constant fear that it would freeze or otherwise just conk out? It was awesome, wasn't it?

Well, for one woman, it was worthy of creating an entire bedding set that has us yearning for those simpler gamer days.

These DIYer's are setting a new high score.


From classic Mario to a variety of the iconic Tetris games, the NES has been a staple for gamers for generations.

DIY guru, Cathryn, made this bedding with her mom for her brother's birthday one year, and they decided to share their methods with the world.

This is pixelated perfection.


This is a great sewing project for gamers or for those with NES fans in their life.

There aren't detailed step-by-step instructions for this set, and many of the traditional NES graphics are been printed directly onto the bedding, but you can get a closer look here.

The attention to detail on this bedding is an epic win.


Before getting married and moving to another state, Cathryn had her own Etsy shop where she sold this coveted bedding, but her store has since shut down.

Seeing this bedding is a real game changer.

For advent sewers, just seeing these detailed pictures may be enough to guide them to creating their own NES bed sheets.

Either way, one thing is for sure, this bedding is one big barrel of fun.

If you make your own NES bedding we'd love to hear about it and link to your amazing creations in the comments!