9+ Bad Design Ideas That Absolutely Baffled Us

If you're a fan of interior design, you probably like to marvel at beautiful places with even more beautiful features. Am I right? I do, too. They definitely give me some ideas about what I would like to do in my house one day.

On the other hand, when I see badly conceptualized ideas, they really irritate me. These gems totally qualify in that regard.

1. This Awkward Bedroom Gap Entrance

Would it be too much to ask to have an actual proper entrance to the bedroom? In this rented apartment, there's only a gap that you have to squeeze through to access this bedroom. Whose idea was this?

2. This Towel Rack

Yeah, it was such a great idea to put this towel rack somewhere that completely prevents you from opening the shower door.

And you can't grab the towel easily from the rack either. What genius came up with this?

3. This Sink

At first glance, I thought this sink was covered with crayon marks. As it turns out, it's only a poorly executed design.

It basically makes the sink look perpetually dirty with weird, blue, streaks. Not a great choice.

4. This Driveway

I guess the people who decided to put this flowerbed right in their driveway only have one car.

Otherwise, why would they want to obstruct the entire portion of the driveway on the other side? I find this choice... fascinating.

5. This Roadside Motel

It's one thing to have to share a communal shower when you're at some cheap roadside motel.

But it's quite another to have the shower right in your bedroom. And the shower is completely see-through, too. Yikes!

6. This Toilet Location

Um, what in the heck is going on here? Am I really seeing what I think I'm seeing?

Is there a toilet located right inside of this wall unit? I gotta admit I've never seen anything like this before, lol.

7. This Toilet Paper Dispenser

Everything is good and dandy in this bathroom stall until you get to the end of the toilet paper roll. Once that happens, you get a peek-a-boo view of the next stall. Um, no thanks.

8. This Couch

Why does this couch have a gap right in the middle, especially since it doesn't even separate in half?

I guess whoever is the lucky one to sit in the middle will just fall right out. OMG, that's so ridiculous.

9. This Unusual House Decor

Apparently, this "Pants House" has been on the market for quite some time now. Every room as some kind of pants feature. Are you surprised that is hasn't sold yet? Well, I can't say that I am.

10. This Skinny Door

Perhaps whoever made this skinny door is trying to tell you something? Like the fact you've put on a bit of weight and need to go on a diet.

I think it's a bit of a drastic measure if you ask me, ha, ha!

11. This Public Bathroom

After someone complained they got hit in the face by the washroom door at this person's office, management had this door installed.

It has a waist-high window, so now everyone can see their co-workers doing their business. That's quite an improvement, ha, ha!

12. This Plug

There's one thing a plug is supposed to do and that is to allow you to plug something into it.

But when it's obstructed like this, it pretty much defeats the purpose of it. What moron installed this?

13. This Hot Pepper Shaker

It seems to me that not all shakers are created equal, nor should they be.

This hot pepper shaker's holes are in no way suitable for the actual product the shaker was made for. And that's a real shame, isn't it?

14. This Bathroom Surprise

So apparently, these folks went to Thailand, rented a villa, and were given the shock of their life.

The toilet and the shower were both located on the balcony. Talk about a room with a view.

15. This Strange Balcony

Speaking of balconies, this is one I would never expect to see. Perhaps this apartment is being rented by a vampire or something.

Otherwise, I can't really understand what is going on here.

16. This Hostel Door

I bet if you were staying in this hostel in Budapest, Hungary you too would have something to say about this.

How is this even safe? I would be the one to call the manager on this one, ha, ha!

17. These Solar Panels

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't solar panels work by being exposed to the sun to generate energy?

How can they even do that if they're being obstructed by trees? Someone needs to rethink this placement ASAP.

18. This Gallery Sign

If this sign is any indication of how great this design furniture gallery might be, I would likely have to skip seeing it.

I think whoever came up with it pretty much gave up in the middle of making it.

19. This Too Close For Comfort Situation

There's one thing I don't ever want to do with a stranger — share a bathroom with them. Why anyone would think putting two toilets together was a good idea is absolutely baffling to me.

20. This Light Fixture

Whoever installed this light fixture had one job — to put in on straight. So why did they think locating it away from the center was okay? This would annoy me to no end.

21. This Kitchen Appliance

Now, can you tell me what exactly is wrong with this kitchen appliance?

I'll tell you what — there are no markings on any of the knobs here so you don't know what temperature you're setting it on. This is a recipe for disaster.

22. These Hotel Stairs

Try, just try, to not kill yourself while coming down these hotel stairs. I guess they aren't concerned about guest safety if they're so bold to install something as daring as this.

Just looking at these stairs makes me dizzy.

Oh man, these poorly thought-out designs were made worse with their terrible executions. Am I right?

I dunno what kind of person doesn't pay attention to the fine details that were definitely needed here. But, alas, at least they did make us laugh.

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