Realistic Tree Toppers Make It Look Like The Grinch Is Stealing Your Christmas Tree

It's the — the — the —

The Grinch.

Christmas just isn't complete without that green rascal, is it? Now you can bring even more of the Grinch's tale (and his actual tail) into your home with some themed Christmas toppers! Your tree is about to get a major upgrade.

He's positively Grinch-y.

Look at him trying to steal Christmas!

This amazing tree topper comes with 4 different parts, including the Grinch's hands, head, and feet. It's pretty big, too — the head is 22 inches tall!

He fits on trees of all sizes.

Though I think it's pretty clear he's the most hilarious when put on a small tree. He basically becomes the tree at that point!

This Grinch is available from InspirationPartyProp on Etsy.

If you're looking for a more troublesome Grinch...

Look no further than This hilarious topper! This prop clearly shows the Grinch gleefully diving into your tree to snatch up all your ornaments and presents. Better watch out for your food, too!

This Grinch is available with or without a custom bow. You can pick it up from HillbillyHandcrafted on Etsy.

It also works on the side of the tree!

Check out this metal version from rusticrootsmetalart on Etsy. It looks like the Grinch literally dove into this tree.

Imagine surprising your kids with this on Christmas morning. It would be priceless!