15+ Times We Weren't Sure What We Were Looking At

Our eyes cannot lie. They simply provide us with a window with which to see the world, however bizarre the world may be.

Wait, let's try that again: while our eyes don't lie, interpreting a scene requires some brainpower. And when the eyes and brain get together to try to figure something out, some glitches are inevitable.

We truly are living in the future.

Zoom calls are a pretty normal thing these days, but this guy's living in the 23rd century by chatting with a Zoom hologram. Or maybe it's just a big flatscreen TV.

From beneath.

If you've been there, you know. But if you haven't, you might be surprised to find that this is a pic of Niagara Falls, taken from a cave on the Canadian side.


Reddit | MexiCuunt

This pic is interesting because the photo subject — a woman with a parrot on her shoulder — is obvious. But the blending of the two faces makes it a little hard to parse one from the other.

World-famous attraction.

Reddit | imac1987

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a stunning example of Renaissance architecture. But on the inside, things are fairly unremarkable. It's basically a concrete tube that's been filled with equipment to keep it from leaning further.

Wait, what?

This ceiling fan appears to have four blades, but is casting five shadows. What's going on? I think there's actually a fifth blade that's so camouflaged it's virtually invisible.

Windows 10 IRL.

Reddit | 9999monkeys

The bottom pic, showing Windows 10's default wallpaper, is pretty familiar. Surprisingly, it isn't digital art, as it was created entirely using practical effects.

Don't drink that tea.

Reddit | dragonfly30707

That raspberry tea looks deliciously thirst-quenching. It's too bad the manufacturers designed the bottle to look like there's always a tarantula lurking in the depths.

They killed Kenny.

Reddit | Pumpka_Mew

I know, I know, South Park hasn't routinely killed Kenny in years. But for the times when he does die, perhaps he's reincarnated as one of these sea anenomes.


Reddit | polechewy

For some reason, I always find it deeply unnerving when an inanimate object looks like a face. This Jabba the Hutt-looking traffic cone could give me nightmares.

Here's looking at you.

Reddit | Ooudhi_Fyooms

We all know giraffes are tall animals with long necks. It's basically their main characteristic. But looking at one from above, with its long neck de-emphasized, is kind of weird.

Pity the tool.

Reddit | Fragglerawking

Everyone needs a good tape measure in their toolbox. If said tape measure looks like Mr. T, it's all the better.

Shadow puppet.

Reddit | FRKJ

I love images like this. The actual camel is barely noticeable when viewed from above, but the shadow it casts perfectly shows the creature's shape.

Rough night.

Reddit | bill-o-more

These anthropomorphic trains — a worried boxcar on the left and a miserable, wooden tie-vomiting engine on the right — look like they belong in an adult version of Thomas the Tank Engine.


Reddit | Mino_Tarvos

The top cat has a luxuriously fluffy tail, which is cascading on the cat below. Or maybe this is some kind of shape-shifting two-headed demon cat. It's hard to say.

Fast AF.

This nice photo of friends at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been photobombed by — well, it's hard to say exactly, other than the fact that it's going fast.

Weird angle.

Reddit | gurjeetchahal91

I'll never tire of photos like this, where upper and lower bodies combine to create extremely strange-looking vignettes. I'm still trying to figure what's going on.


Reddit | Io_oI

I'm half-convinced that this wood is inhabited by the spirit of a frog. How else could you explain this distinctly froggy-looking knot in the grain?

Dark and light.

Reddit | SuddieBuddie

It looks like the white cat is posing to have its silhouette drawn, but it's actually just standing next to a black cat. At least I think that's what's going on.


Reddit | kurtisbr

Those things are either roof vents or Mandalorian helmets. Considering they look more like Mandalorian helmets than anything else in the world, I'll just assume that's what they are.

Picture window.

Reddit | derryainsworth

This high-rise has a "window" punched out of the middle. Sometimes, the perfect angle presents itself. And no, this is not a videoboard of some kind.

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