Glenn Close Shows Off Her 'Homemade' Cruella De Ville Costume For Halloween

Making Halloween costumes on a budget can be a fun exercise in creativity, especially when you're dressing up like an elaborate or very iconic character.

If you're an actress, like Glenn Close, recreating your own character might be even more exciting, because you've already done it once! Glenn tried her hand at recreating an iconic movie villain, and I think she did a pretty good job.

Glenn Close brought Cruella de Ville to life in the 1996 live-action *101 Dalmatians*.

Cruella is already a pretty iconic Halloween costume, with her two-tone hair, bright red lip, and signature high-brow fashion sense, and Glenn Close's version is definitely no different.

Glenn decided to try out recreating the look, but with a little bit of a twist.

Glenn's 2020 revival of the character was entirely homemade by the actress.

"Suiting up for BETTE MIDLER’S virtual HOCUS HALLOWEEN fundraiser for her remarkable NEW YORK RESTORATION PROJECT," Glenn captioned the picture.

Glenn then shared the ingredients needed to put together a "HOMEMADE CRUELLA."

"Chopstick painted red = cigarette holder," she started.

"Wig — online," she admitted, before continuing, "Red gloves with black nails = black gloves with nails under red gloves with cut off tips. Leopard scarf = silk long johns. Dalmatian puppy ears = local Halloween store. Coat = wardrobe from my movie The Wife."

"Makeup: didn't have a really pale base so I tried baby powder."

"Looks weird on the side of my face," Glenn admitted, adding "Not a rousing success. Also needed a liquid eyeliner... next time."

We think she looks amazing!

Have you ever tried your hand at a homemade Halloween costume? Let us know how it went in the comments!