Quotes For When Spooky Season Really Rattles Your Bones

When it comes to holidays, I'm definitely fond of the ones later in the year. Valentine's Day, Easter, July 4th, none of those really do it for me.

Which is why October 1st is the beginning of MY holiday season.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Three holidays all in a row and all made for me.

At least, the aesthetics and general mood are for me — I can give or take the social side of the event.

I'm very much that house that puts up all the spooky decorations and then leaves a bowl of candy on the porch.

Partly because I don't think it's fair to my dogs to deal with the doorbell all night and partly because I want to enjoy my yearly viewing of Hocus Pocus and a bottle of wine in peace.

That bowl on the porch will also have some conspicuous brands missing.

You know those variety packs that have the same four-to-five mini candy bars every year? Yeah, somehow the one I dumped into the big plastic pumpkin didn't come with any Kit Kats.

Funny how that happens...

But what can I say? I need those perfect bites of wafer and chocolate to fuel the pre-decoration cleaning spree I go on.

And then I need the missing Reese's Pieces to fuel the work of taking down the Halloween decor and replacing it for the next round of holiday fun.

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