Quotes About Adulthood That Have Us Saying, 'Yep'

Have you ever done something or said something that made you stop everything and think, "Wow... I really am an adult now"?

Yeah, same.

Sometimes I really surprise myself with how "mature" I've become (you know, mature meaning "boring" because good god, I've become a supremely boring person). But hey, that's just the level of life I'm on now, I guess.

If you're also feeling your adulthood, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

It's my new catchphrase.

You might as well just write that on my tombstone too because I'll literally be saying it until the day I croak.

Those were the days.

Hey, I'm not judging anyone here. I'm literally the kind of person who is constantly snapping pics with my phone all day. Mostly of my dog, but sometimes of just a really cool cloud I saw or my new throw pillows.

I've very quickly run out of ideas.

When I first started cooking for myself I was really excited and tried all these Pinterest recipes, believing I would always be this eager to make meals.

Fast forward to today and I'm making chicken fingers and mixed salad for dinner for the fifth night in a row.

And I like telling them how impressed I am, too.

I'm the kind of house guest who asks a million questions during the tour, like, "Where did you get these Tupperware containers?" and "You're telling me IKEA sells these baskets in a four pack??"

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