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Crochet Cute And Colorful Christmas Trees, And Fill Your House With The Spirit Of The Holidays

We're finding it impossible to resist the festive feelings we're getting from these adorable little crochet Christmas trees.

Whether they're sitting happily all over the house or transformed into soft colorful tree ornaments, we are already dying to try making these.

They can go from simple to customized very quickly, ensuring that your Christmas imagination is free to run wild.

Now, present-ing these soft and snuggly Christmas tree crochets.

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After following easy step-by-step instructions that include photo guides, you'll be ready to decorate your little tree in no time.

Of course, once you're done, you'll be pine-ing to do more!

It's snow joke, these Christmas tree crochets sleigh.

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When completed, these trees are about four inches high and 2.5 inches wide, making them perfect handheld decorations for anywhere in the house, and anywhere in our hearts.

You could even make your own crochet Christmas village, if you feeling spirited enough.

These trees are lit.

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Don't be afraid to mix and match with the colors you use. These patterns may seem simple at first, but the combinations and varieties give them the potential to harness some truly unique Christmas magic.

Why should your tree be like all the others when it's got some pretty special colors of its own?

Deck the halls with some crochet Christmas trees.

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These cuties are perfect gifts that can be made to match the decor in just about any home.

We're loving them so much at this point, we're ready to sing Christmas carols while we happily crochet these good boys.