13+ Mistakes So Bad, They’re Laughable

Making mistakes is a natural part of being human. Although, some people make more mistakes than others. I mean, just look at Dean Devlin's filmography!

However, the mistakes on this list are much more of the everyday hilarious variety. So, please enjoy these 13+ mistakes that are so bad, they're laughable.

"50% Precision..."

Is this what the people who run this store actually think French people are like? Are they living exclusively in a 1950s cartoon?

When Life Gives You Lemons...

When life gives you lemons, make some orange juice and life will be completely blown away! And thus starts your career as a professional magician! You're welcome...for embarking you on a career path of no friends or sexual encounters.

"Yes... Don't the food."

Fun fact, "The Concern Spoon" is what my ex used to call me in my last relationship. I don't want to go into why...

"Not sure if intentional or oblivious, but this architect did a crappy job."

Christ, whoever lives in this house also needs to get a bit of color around the place! It looks like they're living in a grim sepia nightmare town.

"Don't know if I'd trust em..."

"Hi there! I saw your hilarious sign and thought I'd pop in for a quote. Very funny, great marketing!"


"Last time I checked that's not what legs look like."

Yeah, this now comes across more like a warning that there are perverts with easy access to ladders nearby.

"Nice parking job there Mr. Advanced Parking Solutions."

Unless the advanced parking solution that they are referring to is the idea of just parking wherever the hell you want!

If You Say So...

I mean, I suppose that it does say that it holds "up to 1000lbs," so you don't know how much below the 1000lbs it means! Clearly less than 810lbs!

"Clock that has hung on our wall [for] 20 years. Needless to say it gets confusing sometimes."

Well, at least they won't have to worry about changing the time on the clock for daylight savings time! Wait, that's not how that works...

"Someone really hates kids!"

Maybe they don't hate kids, maybe they just love them too much and want the slide experience to go on for even longer! This has Pennywise written all over it.

"I guess they decided to include the cutter as a premium topping."

The same thing happened to me when I ordered from Pizza Hut not long ago. My pizza cutter was massively undercooked though, cost me three teeth.

"I think you forgot to close the corn car..."

Christ alive, there must have been swaths of animals mowed down by trains on this line in the days and weeks after this happened!

"My brother's GF just cut this cheesecake..."

No, I don't think that she did "cut" it. It looks like she blindly stabbed at it with the wild abandon of a sociopath on amphetamines.

If Only 2019 Truly Had Never Ended...

It seems strange now to look back and think of how good it was before 2020, when we were all so keen to start the new decade! It's like the world is punishing us for our optimism.

"How hard is it?"

There is actually no question mark anywhere, now that I look at it, so it's possible that this was just a creepy demand!

Translated To Perfection!

I feel like that warning is incredibly important and should really be rectified! Even if diesel is much less flammable than petrol.

"Teachers making quizzes..."

I am not a number, I am a person!

Is The Prisoner still in the zeitgeist enough for people to get that reference, or is that another one for the scrap heap?

"Mmmm I love coocies."

Actually, that seems cheap enough for me not to be bothered by it! I just want cheap cookies, regardless of the spelling!

"I have no words."

Did a family of gnomes design this house? Imps, perhaps?

"[Do] as the teacher say not as the teacher do."

The professor cared enough to capitalize English but not to write "please"?

"How my wife loads the dishwasher."

The thing about people who load dishwashers like this is that they do it with such confidence that they're right. They're not. They're really not.

"The way my son eats his hotdog."

Even baby Yoda doesn't look impressed. As he shouldn't be.

"The power button is next to the backspace button, guess what I use to write documents for School!"

This really isn't a mistake as much as it is bad design. But it's still so terrible I can't help but feel sorry for this person.

"I'm dating someone who does this."

I'm not here to criticize your partner, but it seems like they have some pent up aggression they need to get out.

"The dots don’t line up."

The single dot is almost entirely hidden by the crevice there. It only counts for one half now.

"The way this idiot parked."

I'm the worst parker I know and even I am able to tell that this is just atrocious.

"I pass this nightmare every day."

This looks like they were trying to do something intentional, but either messed up or gave up half way through.

"Delivery rider thought stacking my pizzas vertically was a good idea."

If they work as a pizza delivery person, surely this isn't the first time they've done this. A whole string of ruined pizza, all caused by one employee.

Downwards Spiral.

There's a lot going on here, but I kind of love it. What I wouldn't give to walk into a store and see "yummy yummy in my tumtum" printed on a sign.

"Upside down square root and off buttons."

All this new math is too confusing to me. It's like they went and turned normal math right on its head!

Speaking Of Upside Down.

It's the most lnɟɹǝpuoʍ time of year!

"Meh, throw it on the shelf anyway."

You know some quirky person out there would buy that loaf just to be different and fun, despite how inconvenient it probably is.

"Must've been a really nice butt."

I hope that their surname was "Butt" and that they had one hell of a good sense of humor!

"I Just Received This PowerPoint on Guidelines for an Upcoming Online Exam."

Since the teacher forgot the list, I think any materials are fair game. Google away!

"Paid extra for this 'window' seat."

This is why I always carry a full set of paints with me, so that I can Bob Ross myself a landscape on any plane journey where I don't have a window seat.

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