18+ Times People Showed Off Their Dummy Side

We all like to think that we are pretty on the ball! However, every now and then we all do things that we despair of when we look back on them.

And so, to show off a few people's densest moments, here are 18+ hilarious people who are not the brightest of the bunch!

"Bean Burrito!"

Great, now I cannot stop thinking about taking a big bite of that cold tube of spurious vegetarian refried bean crap and it's making me want to vomit.

Something tells me it would have the consistency of rubber.

"This car that's actually a boat...?"

But, why? Why on Earth would anyone make something like this unless they were on an episode of Top Gear?

Heed The Word Of Our Lord!

"And when the three wise men were making their way to Bethlehem, our Lord God did appear in the sky and say, 'Don't follow the star, lads. There's a 3:15 direct train in from Nazareth if you get a wiggle on!'"

"Can we talk about the elephant in the room?"

Why in God's name would you not make the trunk the slide? How is that not the first thing you would think of when making an elephant slide? How?!

"Have them every morning!"

I can't say that this is the best way to market eggs that I have ever seen but you have to make your product stand out from the crowd somehow!

Finger Guns!

"Sir, do you have any weapons on you that you need to declare before getting on this flight?"

"No, only my finger guns, haha!"

"I'm sorry, I can't let you on the plane."

"But... It's just a tattoo."

"I know, I just think you're an idiot."

The Icing Isn't Even Purple...

Maybe they've just been working for a company called "Purple" and this is a celebratory cake? Or, maybe they only wear the color purple? Look, I'm trying to help them out here!

How Low Can You Go?

It's a little known fact that the building where this staircase can be found is often thought to be haunted by the ghost of M. C. Escher.

"They were close here."

Look, I could probably let them off here... If you're going to make a mistake, then this is the kind of mistake that you want to make.

"Custom Car Paint Job."

I bet that the guy who did this sick customization job was a wizard on Microsoft Paint! Those ghastly wavy lines give it away!

Perfect Camouflage!

I don't understand anything about this tattoo. I have no idea why anyone would want this, what it means, or what kind of tattoo artist would do this in the first place?

"A tax on people who don't understand arithmetic."

I can imagine a lot of people buying two individual shots to show the owner why their sign is wrong, when in reality the only person who has lost out here is the customer because they're drinking Jell-O shots.

"Attempt at a computer case?"

As ridiculous as this might seem, I'm sure that it won't have problems with overheating! Although, having that monstrosity hanging over your head while you're working would be a bit off-putting.

The Unluckiest Number!

This would be a great t-shirt to buy for your kid just to mess with them when they go to school! Sure, it would be unnecessarily cruel but funny!

"My mom tried to make a cane for my dad."

That one big nail sticking right out underneath the handle is just terrifying. I wonder if their dad was brave enough to actually use this?

Master of Screw-Ups...

Now, this one might be an intentional misspelling. But even if it is, it is still an absolutely unforgivable tattoo!

"Found in my local shop."

All that I can hear when I look at this is this bird-looking man trying to lure me into buying this product with a voice like any Disney witch from the '90s.

Vengeance Was Swift And Merciless!

"Dave, what have you done?!"

"Well, this bonehead ignored the warnings so I just painted over their stupid car!"

"Dave, this is your car."


"My cousin's friend let her son wear this hoodie on picture day if he promised to take it off for the photo. He didn't."

Not to bash on children as a whole but why would you ever take a kid's word on this? Of course he was going to wear it.

"Doggo found an ink cartridge."

Ink costs a ton, he'll be so expensive to refill!

"Nice Car."

You'll have no issue getting me to back off, I'll need to be at least 30 feet away from this thing so I'm not blinded.

"Every picture tells a story..."

I'm just grateful this story only features the front of the scooter and not the rider's face above it.

It Was Bound To Happen Eventually.

I don't like to say anyone is ever "asking for" anything but...come on now.

"I mean, no it isn’t, but okay."

The confidence with which people just say, and apparently sell, lies is growing more every day.

"This bathroom covered in carpet."

I hate that I'm at a point in my life where I've seen enough carpeted bathrooms to be able to judge them. I also hate that this isn't even my least favorite.

"My mom sent me a picture of her dinner. I didn't understand why it wasn't playing."

The real side effect of being on social media too much is thinking everything is a video. That being said, I definitely clicked on this photo thinking it was a video.

"Hand a kindergartner a sharpie and ask them to please put an 'eye' on the head of their turkey. You get what you ask for."

A little finessing and that can be a top hat. Or you can leave it, it's funnier this way.

"What did you call me!? Oh..."

There's something about the pacing to this that makes it genius-level comedy. The initial shock, continuing to read, rereading, then the laughable relief.

"Don't say we didn't warn you."

If you're going to follow any animal warning, let it be a goose. They have the least amount of morals of any known bird.

"Its so cold in Canada that moose are getting stuck by licking cars for salt."

Oh yeah, sorry, I'll just go ask the giant hulking beast to please not lick my car.

"I'm really nervous I'm going to cut this the wrong way."

I cut it too diagonally once when trying to get a sandwich cut, had to get rid of the whole pita and try again.

"[...] white girls about to have some traction."

Perfect for when I want my spinouts to smell like fall.

The World's Most Dangerous Soap!

The person who posted this explained, "gift from [sister-in-law]: Handmade soap with real Legos embedded in it. They slowly start to emerge the more you use it. [Can't] wait [until] the first one falls out mid-shower!"

"Call that a screenshot."

Something tells me this guy is going to have more regrets than just a messed up phone tomorrow morning.

"Impossible to clean!"

Never mind how difficult it must be to clean, I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it must be to sit on that bidet?! Everything about this is terrible...everything!