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Twitter Is Applauding Rihanna's Lingerie Line For Casting Plus-Size Male Models In New Campaign

Hi, have you seen Rihanna's new collab with Savage? Because oh my GOODNESS, it is life-changing.

Rihanna's newest Savage X Fenty collection is stunning, sure, but it's the models that caused a wave of praise all across social media. See, Rihanna finally did what so many companies have failed to do: include plus-size women and men in her runway show.

We have no choice but to stan.

First of all, you have to see this show.

It featured absolutely everyone, from plus size models, to drag queens (hi, Shea Couleé!), to celebrities like Demi Moore and Paris Hilton. The whole thing is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime.

One model really caught the internet's attention.

Right after the show aired and the new collection went live, Twitter lit right up with pictures of one of the models, aka Steven G.

Men were thrilled to see a plus sized man included.

This is really what it all comes down to when we're talking about representation. It means something to see yourself included and celebrated alongside others! It makes you feel accepted!

Confidence was seriously abound.

Rihanna really did that, huh? With the inclusion of one plus-sized man, men across the world suddenly saw themselves in a whole new light. That's using your platform for true good.

We still have some work to do, though.

Amid all of the well-deserved praise was this extremely good point: society still isn't as accepting of plus-size women as it is of plus-size men. That tide is changing, however.

However, Rihanna is doing the best to bridge that gap.

Alongside some of the plus-sized male models were some plus-size women, which Rihanna has always been very good at including. They didn't edit out any of the stretch marks from the women, either!


In case you don't know, people slammed Victoria's Secret in 2018 after an exec spoke out against having trans and plus-size models in their annual fashion show.

Following the backlash, the company has since added plus-size and transgender models to their campaigns.

This right here.

Not only is it emotionally fulfilling to see yourself represented, it's just good business for Rihanna. Including other bodies allows a wider range of customers to shop for what they need!

Steven G. hopped on Instagram to share the love.

"I never would’ve thought my first time ever shirtless on the internet would be with @badgalriri for @savagexfenty," he wrote on his Instagram, including a video of the shots he took for the campaign.

He's a king.

"I thought this was for me but this is for every guy built with some extra meat, that unbuttons that bottom button when tryna avoid the crease, that has to shop around like crazy cause the sizes for us are already gone but we sauce up a fit and still flex the drip."

He is totally the future.

"We here, we are sexy, and we are the wave. And don’t let nobody tell you that you aren’t!"

I hope this is a sign of things to come in fashion, because it's amazing!