Fans Defend Tim Allen After Trolls Make Fun Of His Looks In New Twitter Picture

Tim Allen has been a legend in Hollywood for a long time, and the fact of the matter is that nobody will look exactly the same in their 60s as they did in their 30s. Aging is nothing to be ashamed of, and that's what Tim Allen's fans had to say to those who criticized his appearance in a new photo with Home Improvement costar Richard Karn.

It feels like Tim Allen has been in our lives forever, does it not?

I swear it was just yesterday that families everywhere were sitting down to watch the latest Home Improvement episode.

But believe it or not, it *wasn't* just yesterday.

Actually, Home Improvement first aired 29 years ago! It spanned from 1991 to 1999 and suddenly I'm feeling really, really old.

*Tool Time* fans got a taste of good news back in August.

It was announced that Tim Allen and Richard Karn would reunite after all these years for a new Home Workshop Competition Series.

They recently shared a picture from their first day of shooting for their new show, *Assembly Required.*

The photo shows the two former costars and friends posed together on the set of their new competition show, and while Richard wrote, "This show is going to be amazing!" some fans had a different focus in mind.

Some replies to the photo focused on Tim Allen's looks.

"Tim is looking rough. Great to see these guys back together," one fan wrote. Another commented that "Richard aged so much better, Tim looks like time took a rake to his face."

Some of these replies compared how Richard Karn looks now to Tim.

While it's definitely true that Richard looks fantastic in the picture, there was no need to put Tim down in order to pay him a compliment!

"He’s looking good for 67 tbh," one fan replied.

While some replies were serious, others took a more humorous tone.

One fan joked that it might have been a result of how many times Tim's character on Home Improvement was "shocked, hit, and blown up while using those power tools."

Not everyone found these comments funny.

Many fans stood up for Tim, who, at 67 years old, is not going to look exactly like he did on *Home Improvement.*

"Why are so many of you people in the comments going after Tim for his looks? He’s OLD. What do you expect? I’m sure you will all age [perfectly] and not have [...] any wrinkles or anything," one fan said in his defense.

Fans pointed out he doesn't look too much like the picture on his show *Last Man Standing*.

"It honestly looks like he wasn’t ready for the picture, may have been talking. I think he still looks good, I am a huge fan," one fan suggested, and I think we can all relate to being caught off guard in a not-so-great photo!

Fans also defended Tim by reminding people that nobody stays young forever.

"I'm always curious what others [people's] plans are for not getting old," said one fan in defense of Tim.

Other fans argued that Tim "looks like he's 50," with one fan writing, "I'd say the dude's in great shape."

Others let gifs of Tim speak for themselves.

It's awesome that Tim has so many fans willing to stand up for him!

Are you excited about Assembly Required and getting to see Tim and Richard together again like old times? Let us know in the comments!