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Woman Crochets Gorgeous 'Frozen'-Inspired Cosplay Dress That's Worth Melting For

It's time to let go of fear and show yourself to the world in this amazing Frozen-inspired cosplay dress.

The attention to every detail, skill, and dedication of this outfit has us ready to start belting our favorite Frozen songs while we build a snowman. Oh yes, we really let it go!

We're never going back, the past doesn't have this fabulous Elsa crochet outfit.

Everyone's dreams of being queen Elsa are coming true with this stunning crochet cosplay.

This amazing outfit includes a snow white cape that's made of 74 snowflakes that are all different, and to top it off, it's detachable!

It's a kingdom of isolation, and it looks like she's the queen.

The yarn is from Ice Yarn, a website with one of the world's widest varieties of yarn, and the shoes are from WildThistleFinds on Etsy.

This outfit comes together on Transatlantic Crochet's Instagram page like magic, and we are definitely getting some enchanting chills.

Don't be afraid to go for that signature Elsa hair to finish the look.

If you're feeling ambitious, Elsa's hairstyle is a must for pulling off her iconic character.

Combined with the crochet outfit, this cosplay may be strong enough to assemble an entire ice castle in the span of a single musical montage.

No one is going to dull the shine of this cosplay.

Not even Hans could ruin this for us — it's just too good.

Although many cosplay conventions are closed and Halloween parties have been canceled, there's never a bad time to truly feel like a snow queen, even if it's for the first time in forever.