15+ Things That Surprised Us Just By Showing Us They Could Happen

Have you ever seen something you feel like you shouldn't have? Nothing dire, just a neat finding or a small happenstance, but it still feels wrong? That's because you were blessed with a rare, unique universe occurrence.

Some people chose to share occurrences they've captured, letting us all see things that surprise us just by showing us they could happen.

"In case you have not seen what a clump of DNA looks like."

There's something so calming but simultaneously terrifying about this. Like, wow, that's all I'm made of! But also wow, that's all I'm made of.

"3,000-Year-Old Olive tree on the island of Crete still produces olives today."

Like the last picture, there's something existentially scary about imagining the generations of people who have seen, interacted with, even sat under that tree before you.

"This squash looks like a swan."

Swan to some, skeleton holding an orb to others (me, I'm others).

"This giant driftwood in Washington State."

I feel like this is beyond 'driftwood' and is now into 'an entire tree' territory.

"My beer bottle has a dent in it."

Forget the physical conundrum that is dented glass, does this mean you're getting less beer?

"The way this soda bottle popped open in the freezer."

More bottle mishaps but this one's actually pretty fortunate. Better this than an explosion!

"How this agate looks like the ocean scene."

Nature creates art all the time but this really makes nature look like a painter!

"By complete coincidence, the trees along this street matched the colors of the buildings."

I really did keep looking down the street both expecting and hoping to see a blue tree.

"This slanted feed store."

There's no way I could walk by this without the absolute fear of it deciding to tip over.

"Landslide splits just before hitting a farm in Iceland. [...] No one got hurt."

Once the homeowner was done calming down their rapidly beating heart, they better have bought some lottery tickets.

"This hard-boiled egg yolk that escaped while being hard boiled, leaving the shell intact."

Out of courtesy, I'd just throw the egg out. That yolk clearly doesn't want to be eaten.

"Bird poop that looks like a bird."

Does this make the bird an artist? Or are all bird droppings already art?

"This piece of pasta with no grooves on it."

This noodle rejects the concept of holding sauce, it's a rebel!

"A real fly got caught and died in my fake Halloween spider webs."

What they lack in stickiness they make up for in how easy they are to tangle. Even I've gotten stuck in them!

"Random pile of peppers at an abandoned laundromat."

This is less about the odds of this actually happening, but more about the mystery behind it. Every element is so strange. Can we get a detective on this?

"My cucumber vine picked a tomato from a nearby plant."

Growing veggies need fuel to grow even more, even if that means the sacrifice of other, smaller veggies.

"Distorted Rail tracks after the 2010 7.1 Mw Earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand."

I don't know why I thought train tracks were rooted super deep into the ground like trees but I guess I was wrong.

"I can’t see the actual drop of water on my countertop, but I see its reflection on the side of my coffee maker."

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you pesky coffee maker and that reflection!"

"I found a square rock."

Are bricks and other building materials technically square stones? Yes. Is this still wildly interesting and mystical to me anyway? Also yes.

"Saw this big buck crossing the river yesterday morning."

There's something so ominous about this picture. Like we weren't meant to catch deer swimming.

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