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Get Ready, Stage Moms, Because October Babies Are Most Likely To Be Rich And Famous

While many people may think October is an ideal month in which to birth a Halloween-loving baby, there's actually an even better reason to have a kid this month. They're actually the most likely to collect cash, not candy.

That's right, babies born in October are apparently the most likely to become rich and famous.

If you're an October baby that feels like you've been played, maybe you're just not one of the lucky ones.

Oh baby, this is news to us.

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A shocking discovery was made when drawing from lists of famous celebrities, most of whom were born in October.

Gathering data from the top 300 successful people lists, websites like Forbes Billionaires and Business Insider revealed that heavy players like Bill Gates are October babies.

When did Halloween go from spook to celebration?

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We typically associate October with Halloween and many new parents enjoy putting their newborns in cute little spoopy outfits.

But now, new moms in October should go ahead and plan out how to utilize baby's powers to harness millions of dollars and a Hollywood contract.

Perhaps there is some method to this madness.

Even Kim Kardashian has an October birthday and has expanded her platform exponentially throughout the years.

If October babies are the ones most likely to have the it factor, we're not sure what the magic formula is, or if it's merely a matter of chance.

No matter the month, you'll always be a superstar to your parents.

Sure, being predestined to be rich and famous sounds cool, but it's also perfectly okay, and even preferable in many cases, to just be you.

Babies don't know what money or fame is yet, but they do know what it means to feel loved, so if your baby has lots of love, they'll be the richest of all.

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