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DIY 'Frog And Toad' Knitting Pattern Will Spark Nostalgia For The Beloved Children's Books

When you're young, there are few things more magical than a good storybook, and Frog and Toad was an especially endearing one. Whether they were trying to fly a kite or learning to deal with isolation, these two beloved characters showed the enduring importance of friendship.

Now, these DIY Frog and Toad knitting patterns are taking us back in time to one of our safest and coziest memories from the 1970s.

The wonder of 'Frog and Toad' is forever.

These adorable patterns were created by artist Kristina McGowan.

After visiting family for the holidays, McGowan rediscovered the books and felt inspired to create patterns, and we're sure glad she did.

Let's just say, at first McGowan was a little swamped when making these patterns.

McGowan shows off her work on her website and has shared that creating each pattern wasn't the easiest task.

It took her several months, for the garments especially, and she had to keep revamping her approaches until it all came together.

We think Frog and Toad would be proud.

These toads may be trouble for new knitters.

These patterns are recommended for those with intermediate to advanced skills, as they're not easy.

Very specific knitting skills are needed, like working with smaller double-pointed needles, shaping small rows, along with a diversity of increases and decreases.

If it's your first knitting rodeo, it's best to wait before trying these patterns.

Even if you hit a snag, don't lose sight of the big picture.

While these patterns may not turn out exactly like the examples, they definitely revive the nostalgia from these classic books.

It would be too much fun to tell this story to the new generations of kids while using the Frog and Toad knits as props.

These patterns are available on for around $15; knitting supplies sold separately.