Gucci Made A $2,600 Dress For Men That They Say Will Fight 'Toxic' Stereotypes

Gucci is taking a stand to dismantle toxic masculinity with a dress for men that will challenge assumptions of how a man should look...but the thing is, it's $2,600.

While Gucci's intentions may be somewhat genuine, there is something about the expensive price tag that may make this a far too expensive statement.

Wait, there's just something that's not fitting about this.

Gucci's Fall/Winter 2020 collection introduced this orange dress that's made of 100-percent cotton and a satin bow around the waist.

However, for some reason, the man is still wearing pants and the dress was inspired by Peter Pan for a childhood element.

Yes, we are just as confused as you are.

So, a dress was the key to fighting toxic masculinity, all along?

Let's face it, a man can go to a thrift store and buy a dress to take a stand against toxic masculinity, but at $2,600, it's like Gucci is perpetuating toxic poverty.

This money could go toward charities and non-profits for women, trans people, non-binary people, and everyone that suffers the most from toxic masculinity.

In this case, struggle is not a fashion trend.

Does it come in a different style and color?

Putting the price aside, many people are just not finding the style and color to be very appealing for men, or for anyone else.

It's a bit odd that the dress has a little girl element to it, and it's not just being called ugly, it's also being perceived as a bit disturbing.

Fighting gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity is important, but we're not sure of this dress is.

It seems that Gucci definitely knows about issues that speak to people's hearts, but this doesn't seem like the best execution of many important principles.

However, the dress may be important for some, so customers will just have to try it on for themsleves.

As they say, if it fits, wear it.

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