There's An 'Elf' Monopoly Game And Yes, You Can Play As A Bottle Of Syrup

There's no Christmas magic quite like the movie Elf, which is basically a classic along the lines of It's A Wonderful Life at this point. (Well, for us comedy lovers it is, anyway.)

So, when we found out that Monopoly had released an Elf Monopoly game for the holidays, we were ready to start belting some Christmas tunes and chugging a bottle of maple syrup.

Just don't play like a cotton-headed ninny muggins!


This special Elf Monopoly game includes the classic six pieces that players can use to navigate the board, but with a special Elf twist.

Players can choose between a polar bear cub, Santa's sleigh, a jack-in-the-box, a mailroom coffee mug, Santa’s bag, and, of course, a bottle of maple syrup.

When we play this game, smiling is our favorite.


Both the classic Community Chest cards and Chance cards have been magically altered as Christmas cheer and Christmas spirit, which sounds like they're fully Buddy approved.

For more of a New York vibe, the houses and hotels are now apartments and skyscrapers.

It sounds like this Elf Monopoly will be like jumping right into the world of the movie. We're game!

Don't forget to spread some Christmas cheer.


Whether you buy it for yourself or for one of your Elf-obsessed loved ones, this is truly an excuse to get back into board games.

If anyone was looking for a reason to take it back to the classics with a fun spin, this is it.

Buddy! Is Buddy in this game? We know him!

This festive Elf Monopoly is set to be released some time between Oct. 20 and 27, so get your maple syrup ready, put on a pot for spaghetti, and get ready for some serious excitement.

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