Amazon Is Selling Coronavirus Masks For Halloween And Shoppers Are Not Impressed

As much as many people label 2020 as a joke, the coronavirus isn't funny; it's very serious.

Since Amazon started selling these Halloween coronavirus masks, people have been deeply offended and resigned to call the company out.

If Amazon was looking for a way to cross the line, they've definitely found it.

There's nothing festive about a global pandemic.


There just isn't any other way to say it, these masks are disturbing.

These masks are described by Amazon as being for "fun occasions," which undermines the ongoing struggles and deaths people are going through and markets it as a party.

Yikes, if that doesn't give you chills, what else will?

If you didn't already have nightmares, here ya go.


While Amazon has claimed to have removed the masks, they are still all over the website under different brands.

The original YTFU brand masks are being replicated by the ZQQ brand and other sellers.

Unfortunately, these seems like one mistake that can't be undone.

It's not okay to capitalize on someone else's pain.

Unsplash | CDC

While most large companies are notorious for this behavior, that doesn't mean it's okay.

These masks are not only insensitive, but they could also be very triggering for those battling the virus or even those who have survived it.

Let's just stick to traditional Halloween themes, because Halloween honestly doesn't need sick gimmicks to be fun, and it never did.

Unsplash | Łukasz Nieścioruk

Halloween is such a great holiday, and despite the pandemic, we're confident that people are going to have fun without having to resort to coronavirus masks that are disrespectful.

We don't recommend anyone looking for these masks.

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