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Aldi Is Selling Venus Flytraps And We Can't Think Of A Plant More Suited To Halloween

There's something undeniably cool about Aldi's Venus flytraps that are getting us in the Halloween spirit faster than a Venus flytrap can devour a fly.

The best part is, after the Halloween season has ended these hardcore plants can continue to solve the insect problem, especially when it comes to the insufferable little house gnats.

These Venus flytraps have us biting into a whole lotta fun.


These carnivorous plants have only been spotted in select Aldi stores by some lucky few.

What people love so much about these plants is being able to watch them in action when it comes to catching flies, and even waking up in the morning to check if their favorite plant trap was able to work its magic.

Venus flytraps don't come to play.

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People are taking these little ones home and talking.

Some people are getting some Little Shop of Horrors vibes with a plant that clamps down on its prey and eats their flesh. Come to think of it, these Venus flytraps are pretty hauntingly monstrous.

Another one bites the dust.

While the idea of a Venus flytrap is pretty epic for many people, few know how to properly care for them, so their poor little fly traps die.

They need constant moisture from distilled water, bright indoor sunlight, fertilizer, pruning, and of course, lots of insects!

Pro tip: If there just aren't enough insects for your plant to eat, you can go to a gardening store and actually buy some.

These plants aren't chomps.

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These plants are also a really fun way to introduce kids to gardening.

Most plants don't have detectable movements, so Venus flytraps are pretty uniquely exciting.

These Venus flytraps are available at some Aldi stores, visit store for prices.

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