William Daniels Aka Mr. Feeny Stopped A Home Robbery Attempt

William Daniels has a long acting career that spans decades.

Still, it's safe to say that most of us know him best from Boy Meets World, as the one and only Mr. Feeny.

He taught us so many lessons throughout our childhoods, and even years later, he's teaching us the most valuable lesson of all: how to scare off the bad guys.

Mr. Feeny is an icon of the '90s.

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And into the early '00s, if you want to get really technical.

I mean, Boy Meets World is a wonderful show and full of great morals and lessons, but it wouldn't be the staple of our childhood that it was without Feeny.

He often dished out valuable life lessons.


Come on, don't tell me that you didn't dream, try, and do good after watching that heartbreaking series finale.

I think I owe every success in my life to this man.

I mean sure, the other characters were pretty great too.

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I don't have a bad thing to say about Cory, Topanga, or Shawn.

But Mr. Feeny is my one and only, and I'll just leave it at that, okay?

Anyway, 'Boy Meets World' came to and end in 2000.

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Still, William Daniels continued to act, despite being 73 years old at the time.

You can bet that I'm retiring the second I can, so good on him for keeping busy.

Even when the show's spin-off, 'Girl Meets World' aired in 2014, William made a few appearances.


That was the whole reason I tuned into the show at all, to be honest.

Have I mentioned how much I adore Mr. Feeny?

I think his other most well-known appearance would be on 'Grey's Anatomy.'

Grey's Anatomy Wiki

He was a surgeon who worked with Dr. Cristina Yang and drove her pretty crazy.

Also, I'm sure that there are other big roles that he's super famous for, but I'm a millennial and just referencing what I know, okay?

Anyway, William was at home the other night, just minding his own business, when he heard a sound from outside.

Boy Meets World Wiki

He was probably reading poetry or writing down his best life advice and words of wisdom in a book or something.

Just kidding, he said he was sleeping, and he was suddenly awoken by a sound.

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Still, sleeping soundly is definitely a very Feeny thing to do — a good night's sleep is important for your brain.

I'm pretty sure there was an episode about that and everything.

By the way, if Bonnie looks familiar to you, it's because she was also on 'Boy Meets World.'

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She appeared as Dean Bolander in five episodes, and her character even married Mr. Feeny on the show.

Ah, young love.

Anyway, this power couple was able to work as a team and scare off the potential intruder.

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William explained that he "lit the light and Bonnie screamed and this person fled and that's the whole damn story!"

Honestly, when you're 89 and 91- years old, it's an impressive feat.

William also learned a lesson in how quickly news travels these days.

CBS News

"I don't know how this whole story got out to everybody, but we're getting all these calls, but nobody's harmed! We're calm and collected here," he explained.

They even went back to bed after the whole ordeal.

Danielle Fishel, aka our favorite 'Boy Meets World' character, aka Topanga Lawrence, had a few words to say.

Twitter | @daniellefishel

That's right, she referenced the "dream, try, do good" quote too!

Looks like I'm not the only crazy BMW fan around here, huh?

Remember, aim to be a Cory Matthew in this world, not a Harley Keiner.

Sorry, that's the best advice I can offer you. Maybe when I'm 91 years old I'll have something a bit more wise to impart on you.

Let this be a lesson to any other hooligans out there who are planning on causing any trouble.

Don't go around just kicking in people's doors, because one of them might belong to an icon like Mr. Feeny.

And you know, it's illegal and all that.

William and his wife, Bonnie Bartlett, recounted exactly what happened during a phone interview.

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ABC News reported that William and Bonnie were sleeping when a person kicked in the glass panels of a door that leads into their bedroom.

Our fourth favorite 'Boy Meets World' character, Will Friedle, even tweeted about the event.

Twitter | @willfriedle

He's right. Nobody messes with Mr. Feeny.

Or, "FE-HE-HE-HEEEEEENY," if you're Eric Matthews.