Get A Sloth-Shaped Mug To Start Your Lazy Weekends Right

It won't take us much time when it comes to expressing our love for this absolutely adorable sloth-shaped mug.

Coffee is somehow more warm and cozy when it's being cuddled by a cute lil' sloth.

This is perfect for those mornings that you just want to take it easy and relax.

Slow down and smell the coffee

These cream-colored cuties are made of ceramic and are hand-washable. They're 13.5 oz with plenty of room for your favorite hot beverage for sipping all year long.

Some like their coffee frothy, we like ours slothy.

These furry friends have the perfect matte finish with unique black speckles that add an extra charm to each cup.

Plus, they're perfect gifts for everyone, because who wouldn't want one of these snuggly sloths?

Feel free to invite even more sloths into your life.

After you buy one of these lovely cups, you'll most likely find that your sloth is a little lonely without a family.

This is the perfect excuse to expand the theme and fill your kitchen, and maybe even the rest of the house with sloths of all different functions and designs.

These cups will make you smile like this sloth.

These cutie pies are exclusively available on Urban Outfitters' website and in stores for around $16.

Don't move too slowly, or this deal may be gone before you know it!

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