Half-Christmas Trees Exist For People Who Hate Decorating The Back

Are you lazy? Same. Listen, Christmas is kind of exhausting! And decorating a Christmas tree definitely adds to that exhaustion, let's not lie. So, what can we do to cut down on all of that?

A half-Christmas tree, of course! It's exactly what you're thinking, but it looks way better than you'd think, too! This tree is perfect for small spaces, trust me.

So, yeah. It's literally a half tree.

Stay with me, though. This tree from Hammacher Schlemmer, aka the website that has a little of everything, looks a little insane, but that's only because you haven't seen it styled!


See how smart this is? You have way more floorspace in front of the tree, you don't have to decorate the back, and it still looks so stylish and chic!

It also comes with colored lights!

For those who like to keep their Christmases a little less monochromatic, a fully colored-light version of the tree is available. Perfect for people who just love the vibrancy of the holiday!

I know I already said this is a great idea for small spaces, but it's also perfect for businesses and restaurants.

With all those holiday shoppers coming through, your retail space might be short on, well, space! That's where the half-Christmas tree comes in. Brilliant!

How cozy does this look?

I was a bit skeptical about these trees when I first saw them, but this photo has convinced me to get one. This looks straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

You can get both versions at Hammacher Schlemmer.

The white-light and colored-light versions are both available for $249.95. Each one stands 78 inches tall, and 43 inches wide.

For apartment dwellers, people with kids, and the lazy like me, this is the ideal solution!

I don't know about you, but these trees have put me in the holly jolly spirit.

I already loved Christmas trees, but seeing this ingenious design just took that love to another level.

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