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Pixar, Adidas, And Damian Lillard Created Glow-In-The-Dark 'Toy Story' Sneakers For Kids

These Pixar Toy Story Adidas sneakers are about to take us to infinity and beyond with their glow-in-the dark fun for kids.

NBA star Damian Lillard has dedicated his new line of shoes to a Buzz Lightyear theme that will have your kids ready to launch a brand new space mission.

These kicks are making our hearts orbit at light speed.

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These are the amazing colorways of the Dame7 collection that hit shelves on Oct. 1. Oh, and did we mention that they glow in the dark? So cool!

Kids will be eagerly running off to their next mission.


With the iconic hand scrawled 'Andy' on the bottom of the shoe, these sneakers scream authenticity.

There's some nostalgia for the Toy Story movies in these shoes that kids may not understand, but as adults, we can sure have fun telling them all about Woody, Buzz, and Andy's adventures.

All of these 'Toy Story'-themed shoes are lassoing our hearts.


There are also many other Toy Story Adidas picks that are sure to be great additions to your sneaker collection.

They'll also be including Woody shoes, Rex shoes, and even some styles inspired by Jessie.

When physical classes start again, the other kids better watch out.

The only thing more fun than wearing these shoes is showing them off to everyone. Your kid is sure to feel like a rootin' tootin' cowboy or an intergalactic space captain in these shoes.

Get ready to watch your kid go up, up and away during their next exciting adventure.

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