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Aldi Has Pumpkin-Shaped Pizzas For Halloween That Are Made With Butternut Squash Sauce

We didn't know it was possible to combine two of our greatest loves: Halloween and pizza, but Aldi's pumpkin-shaped pizzas, made especially for Halloween, have reignited our cravings for savory and spooky.

Plus, just look at how cute these little pumpkin pizzas are. We almost don't want to take a bite, but we definitely will.

We're ready to bite into Halloween.

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Even the toppings are on brand. Topped with rich butternut squash sauce and cheddar cheese, these are perfect for getting in the spooky spirit.

It also features a goofy smile made of mascarpone cheese sauce and eyes that are made from mozzarella cheese.

Pizza night just got a little more spooky.

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Pizza is pretty undeniably great, and so are pumpkins, so Aldi is giving everyone the fun of both words in miniature sizes.

Everyone gets their own little pizza, or several dozen, depending on what floats your boat. Either way, get ready to taste a slice of some hauntingly good pizza.

They won't be around for long, so head to Aldi's pizza pumpkin patch quickly.

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Stock up for the whole family. Or, and let's be honest here, just for yourself. Because these are the perfect can't-be-bothered-to-cook-for-just-one-person kind of meal.

Our suggestion? Make a whole night of it.

If you're going to be enjoying Halloween pizza, you might as well make it an entire spooky themed night with a Halloween movie, some candy and a cozy blanket.

These little pizzas are available in most Aldi stores for around $4.

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