Lovepop Pop-Up Cards Are A Beautiful Way To Send Flowers That Will Last Forever

While fresh flower bouquets are beautiful, they often wilt pretty quickly and end up being dumped in the garbage can not too long after they've been purchased.

Lovepop is changing the flower game with their pop-up cards that present recipients with a gorgeous bundle of flowers that simply spring with eternal life.

Mix and match with endless variety.


These flower cards come in so many varieties and themes — there's not one occasion that they don't cover.

They're also easy to transport, allergy friendly, and incredibly durable.

Give a little spooky to someone special.


There aren't too many places with Halloween-themed flowers, especially not from iconic films like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lovepop is opening up a whole new way of gift giving.


It's not just flowers that keep popping up, Lovepop has many different designs that include trees, landscapes, characters, and more.

And they all have the same level of remarkable and stunning detail.

We're sending a personal thank-you letter to Lovepop immediately.


These cards can't be beat, with their quality and design, and no-fuss delivery. We might just get carried away and buy one for every occasion.

Prices start at $13, or you can get 5 for $50.