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This Baby Yoda Stocking Will Let You Celebrate The Holidays Just Like The Child

Attention literally everyone! Baby Yoda is on a Christmas stocking. This is not a drill!

For those wondering how to make sense of 2020, this stocking probably won't totally do the trick, but it will certainly make everything feel better.

With the new season of The Mandalorian arriving in October, fans are going to be extra hyped and full of the Star Wars spirit.

It's time to stuff The Child's hungry tummy with goodies.

Unsplash | Jimmy Nguyen

Hot Topic is doing its thing as usual, and offering us some pretty fantastic merchandise.

This stocking is made with polyester and a whole lot of cuteness weaved in, including festive snowflakes and baby Yoda in his space pod crib.

Baby Yoda will want fwends.

We figure if you're going to go with a Baby Yoda stocking, you might as well go for the entire Star Wars theme.

Hot topic really does steal the show when it comes to the best nerdy stuff, and Baby Yoda is going to want friends. There are a variety of great stocking stuffers that will have him feeling safe and loved.

BABY YODA! Need we say more?

We hope that you put this Baby Yoda stocking on your Christmas list this year, along with the perfect cup of hot choccy, of course.

These stockings are perfect gifts for the entire family, because who wouldn't want one?!

There's no need to use The Force when it comes to falling in love with these stockings.

These adorable stockings are available at Hot Topic for around $15.

Baby Yoda is waiting for you to pick him up and take him home this Christmas season.

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